Brad E Austin

Brad E Austin

Professional Details

Title: Associate Professor
Office: SB-102H
Phone: 978-542-7143

Fall & Winter Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
2427 01 HST360 Topics in American History
2434 01 EDU341 Teaching History and the Social Sciences (Pre-Practicum)
3119 01 EDU493PS Practicum Seminar in Teaching History
3565 S1 EDU493PS Practicum Seminar in Teaching History
3719 04 HST205 U.s. History and Constitutional Government II
3768 P1 EDU493P Student Teaching Practicum in Secondary Education - History
3820 S1 EDU925HS Practicum Seminar in Teaching History

Professional Biography

Brad Austin earned his PhD in modern American history from Ohio State University. He currently serves as the history department's secondary education coordinator. He was the co-editor of Understanding and Teaching the Vietnam War (Wisconsin2013) and is a series co-editor for the Harvey Goldberg Series for Understanding and Teaching History (Wisconsin). This spring 2015, he will be finishing his book on American college athletics during the Great Depression, supervising history student teachers, leading the seminar for history practicum students, and teaching HST 360 Topics in American History: American Sports History.