Christopher E Mauriello

Christopher E Mauriello

Professional Details

Title: Professor
Office: SB-110E
Phone: 978-542-7129
Resume: Christopher E Mauriello [PDF 188KB]

Spring Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
2017 S1 HST870 The Great War and European Culture
2953 01 IDS271 Information Technology, Society and Culture
3325 01 HST433 The First World War and European Culture
4049 03 HST500 Directed Study in History

Professional Biography

See attached resume above.

Professional Interests

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History Department Chair 7/07-Present Program Coordinator, IT in the Arts and Sciences (ITAS) IDS Minor 9/02-Present Faculty Coordinator for Instructional Technology, VP Academic Affairs Office, 9/03-7/07 Chair, Academic Computing Committee 9/06-Present

Selected Publications

Books and Articles in Edited Collections
“Public Intellectuals: Did the public intellectual have an influential role in twentieth-century European thought.” History in Dispute. Volume 17: Twentieth-Century European Social and Political Movements, Second Series (2004), 196-205.

From Boston to Berlin: A Journey Through World War II in Images and Words, with Roland Regan Jr. Purdue University Press, 2001.

Journal Articles:
“Connecting Generations Through the Memory of the Second World War.” With Roland Regan Jr. Sextant Volume XIII, No 1. (Fall 2004) 2-9.

“The Strange Death of the Public Intellectual: Liberal Intellectual Identity and the ‘Field of Cultural Production’ in England, 1880-1920.” Journal of Victorian Culture, 6.1 (Spring 2001) 1-27.

The Virtual College: Technotopia or the End of Academe? Some Implications of Internet-Based Distance Education on the Academic Profession." Photographs by Danielle Lucero. Sextant Vol. 10 No 2 (Spring 2000) 19-26.

“The Politics of National Standards: The Conservative Revolution and Multicultural
Education Reform in History.” Thought and Action: The NEA Higher Education Journal
Volume XI, Number 2, (Fall 1995) pp. 121-132.

“The Ghosts of German History.” Featured book review of Daniel Goldhagen’s Hitler’s Willing Executioners. Sextant, (Spring, 1997) pp. 43-44.

Selected Presentations

See attached resume above