Jeanette M Sablock

Jeanette M Sablock

Professional Details

Title: Professor
Office: MH-230
Phone: 978-542-7077
Resume: Jeanette M Sablock [PDF 68KB]

Professional Biography

B. S. Geology, Salem State College

M. S. Geology, University of Idaho

Ph.D. Geology, University of Idaho 

Professional Interests

My interest in the still-developing field of Forensic Geology resulted from a petrological study of sand found at a crime scene.  I am continuing this line of research by applying mineralogical and petrological methods and tools to microscopic airborne particles. Using my background in sedimentary geochemistry and petrography, I've had a student researcher collect data about 17th century bricks as part of a larger study on bricks and mortar from Maine and New Hampshire. This past semester I collected XRF data from a landfill in Merrimac MA and from a colonial cemetery.  The cemetery may be the site of an unmarked mass burial.  I'll be looking for Senior Researchers this upcoming Fall semester for these and other projects.     

I also design, practice and advocate the use of formative assessment as a valuable learning tool in my Honors Physical Geology, Mineralogy, and Forensic Geology classes.  In my role as Co-Chair of  the University Wide Assessment Committee I work to help create an culture of assessment at SSU.        




Forensic Geology

Honors Physical Geology

Other Responsibilities:

Co-Chair University Wide Assessment Committee

Departmental Assessment Coordinator 

Chair Departmental Curriculum Committee


Selected Publications

Estey, N. and Sablock, J. M., 2011 Characterization of Bricks from the Bickford Garrison Archaelogical Site in Durham, NH

Santos, A. and Sablock, J. M. 2009 A Petrologic Study of the Bridger Canon Section of the Swift Formation, Bozeman, Montana

Santos, A.R., Sablock, J.M., 2010 Observations on DiageneticAlteration in a Section of Late Jurassic Sandstone, Sigma Xi Research Symposium, SSC

Vander Kaaden, K., Sablock, J., 2010 A Petrographic Study of Union RockCorrelating it to the Peabody Granite and Dedham Granodiorite: NewEngland Geological Society of America RegionalMeeting Baltimore, MD

Vander Kaaden, K., Sablock, J. 2010 A Comparison of Three Granites From Essex County, Massachusetts: Sigma Xi ResearchSymposium, SSC

Lozzi, V. and Sablock, J.M. 2009, Preliminary Results of a Forensic Analysis of Dust from Three Locations, Geological Society of America Regional Meeting, Portland, Maine

Sablock, J.M., 2006 Using Earth Materials To Establish Probable Cause – A Final Project For A Forensic Geology Class: National Meeting of the Geological Society of AmericaMeeting, Philadelphia, Penn.

Sablock, J.M. Using JiTT to Introduce a Challenging Topic in an Introductory Geology Class, Pearls and Perils Conference, Salem State College

Sablock, J.M., Sands of Crime – An Application of Petrographic Methods To Forensic Trace Evidence:National Meeting of the Geological Society of AmericaMeeting, Salt Lake City, Utah

Selected Presentations

2009 Metacognition as a Tool for Student Success, FIN Conference Salem State College

2007 Design a Curriculum Map to Ensure Outcomes, FIN Conference Salem State College

2006, Just in Time Teaching (JiTT) a Tool for Student Success and Assessment, Pearls and Perils Conference, Salem State College

Personal Interests

After my family, geology is my mania - I've never met an outcrop I didn't want to get to know better. Wandering through a new field area is pure fun.  Planning and creating gardens is nearly instant gratification - maintenance of same less so.  Roses are my current focus, a fascination unfortunately shared by hungry ground-dwelling rodents. Other interests include cooking, kayaking and dabbling with pen, ink and watercolors.