Douglas E Allen

Douglas E Allen

Professional Details

Title: Chairperson
Office: MH-331C
Phone: 978-542-6653

Spring Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
3614 01 GLS253 Geochemistry
3630 01 GLS170H Honors Physical Geology W/Lab
3631 L21 GLS170H Honors Physical Geology W/Lab
3816 03 GLS501 Senior Research in Geology II
4136 04 GLS501 Senior Research in Geology II

Professional Biography


Ph.D., September 2003, Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455 advised by William E. Seyfried, Jr.


B.Sc., Geology-Chemistry, May 1994, Department of Earth-Science and Geography, Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater Ma.



Professional Interests

 My primary research interests involve geochemical processes in low and high temperature environments with a focus on rock-water interaction.  I am currently working on environmental science research associated with toxic metal inventories in soils, sediments and waters of the North Shore using x-ray fluorescent spectroscopy.  I have also established a sea level monitoring station in Salem, MA in collaboration with the National Park Service.  I am a research fellow at the Department of Energy-National Energy Technology Lab in Pittsburgh, PA where I conduct research on greenhouse gas mitigation strategies such as carbon sequestration in geologic formations, advanced carbon/sulfur/nitrogen capture techniques, and recycling of industrial waste.


Courses I typically teach:

Physical Geology


Medical Geology

Field Geology

Selected Publications

RobertM. Dilmore, D. E. Allen, R. J. Jones, Sheila W. Hedges, and Yee Soong (2008) Sequestration of dissolved CO2 inthe Oriskany formation. EnvironmentalScience & Technology, 42(8); 2760-2766

RobertDilmore, Peng Lu,DouglasAllen, Yee Soong, Sheila Hedges, Jaw K. Fu, Charles L. Dobbs,Angelo Degalbo, Chen Zhu (2008) Sequestration of CO2 in mixtures ofbauxite residue and saline waste water. Energy and Fuels, 22(1); 343-353.

Allen D.E., Strazisar,B.R., Soong, Y. and Hedges, S.W. (2005) Modeling carbon dioxide sequestrationin saline aquifers: Significance ofelevated pressures and salinities. Fuel Processing Technology, 86,1569-1580.

Allen D.E. and W.E. Seyfried, Jr.(2005) REE controls in MOR hydrothermal systems: An experimental study at elevated temperatureand pressure, Geochimica et CosmochimicaActa, V 69 (3), 675-683.

Selected Presentations

Allen,D.E., Jerry Marchand, Will Engelbrecht*, Catherine Martini*: HydrothermalAlteration of Basalt in the Hartford Basin: Geological Society of America, October (2007), Denver, Colorado.172-10.

Allen,D. E., Robert Dilmore, Yee Soong, and Sheila Hedges: Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in the OriskanyAquifer: Geological Society of America, October (2006), Philadelphia, PA,227-03.

Personal Interests

I have recently fixed up a 1953 Rudge-Whitworth 3 speed bicycle.


I love music.  I play drums, guitar and I sing some too.