Kristine A Doll

Kristine A Doll

Professional Details

Title: Professor
Office: SB-209C
Phone: 978-542-6259

Spring Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
1242 01 SPN490 Advanced Professional Spanish Across the Curriculum
1243 S1 SPN490 Advanced Professional Spanish Across the Curriculum
1585 01 SPN201 Intermediate Spanish I
1586 02 SPN201 Intermediate Spanish I
3454 01 WLC300 Introduction to Translation
3455 S1 WLC300 Introduction to Translation

Professional Biography

Ph.D. Hispanic Studies, Brown University

M.A. Romance Languages and Literatures (with distinction), Boston College

B.A. Spanish Languages and Literatures, UMASS

Professional Interests

XIX and XXth Century Castilian and Catalan Literature, with particular emphasis on poetry and "l'escola mallorquina"

Translation Studies

Community Service/In-Service Learning

Second Language Acquisition


Professor, All levels undergraduate and graduate courses in Spanish


Selected Publications

Books: Bover, August.  Terres de Llicorella.  Translated into English and with a critical foreword by Kristine Doll.  In progress.

Doll, Kristine.  Speak to Me Again.  New York:  Feral Press, 2014.

Doll, Kristine and Robert Brown. Elegies by Joan Alcover. A Bilingual Edition (Catalan - English). Foreword by August Bover. Introduction by Kristine Doll. Translations by Kristine Doll and Robert Brown. New York: Cross-Cultural Communications, 2004.

Original Poetry 

"Elegy for Bear #56."  Original Poem.  Imaginne i Poesia.  Torino, Italy, January 2014.

“Three Elegies for My Mother.”  Original Poems.  Paterson Literary Review. Forthcoming.

“My Friends are Poets.”  Original Poem.  Imaginne i Poesia.  Torino, Italy, April 2013.

     ------Nominated for the XXXIX Pushcart Prize for Poetry of the Best Small Presses,

           November 2013.

     ------Cross-Cultural Communications Art & Poetry Series Broadside #53, Summer 2013.

“The Alphabet.”  Original Poem. The Seventh Quarry Poetry Magazine.  Swansea, Wales UK, Spring 2013: 56.

 Translations of Poetry  

"English Hours."  Original poem in Catalan by August Bover.  Translation to English by Kristine Doll.  London's Rivers.  Gaspar Jaén i Urban.  University of Alicante, Spain.  2015.

"Cresques the Jew, Master of World Maps and Compasses” and “Winter.” Original poems in Catalan by August Bover.  Translations to English by Kristine Doll.  Cyclamens and Swords.  December 2013.

“Sirocco” and “Abertawe Evening.” Original poems in Catalan by August Bover.  Translations to English by Kristine Doll.  Bridging the Waters:  An International Bilingual Poetry Anthology.  New York:  Korean Expatriate Literature and Cross-Cultural Communications, 2013: 150-153.

“Welsh Evening” and “Long Distance Call.”  Original poems in Catalan by August Bover.  Translations to English by Kristine Doll.  The International Poetry Festival Chapbook. Cross Cultural Communications, June 2011: 34-35.


“Interview with American Translator and Poet Kristine Doll” by Peter Thabit Jones. The Seventh Quarry Poetry Magazine.  Swansea, Wales UK, Summer/Autumn 2013: 41-45.

“Interview with August Bover.”  The Seventh Quarry Poetry Magazine.  Swansea, Wales UK, Summer 2010: 55-62.

"Les Elegies de Joan Alcover: qüestions de traduccio." Joan Alcover, Miquel Costa i Llobera i els llenguatges estetics del seu temps. Publicacions de l'Abadia de Montserrat. Universitat de les Illes Balears; Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 2007: 175-180.

"A View from Higher Ed." Column Bi-line for the Massachusetts Foreign Language Association Newsletter, four times yearly, with Dr. Nicole Sherf. 2006-present.

"The Broken Tree: Joan Alcover and the Catalan Poetry of Mallorca." The Sextant. IX.1 1999. 17-24.

"The Traditional and the Visionary in the Works of Gabriel Alomar." The Catalan Review. IX.1 1995: 61-71

Selected Presentations

“This Side of Truth:  Texts, Authors and Translators.”  Northeast Modern Languages Association 45th Annual Convention.  Harrisburg, PA April 2014.  Roundtable Chair and Presenter.

Bilingual Poetry Reading by Faculty of Salem State University.   Salem State University, Salem, MA.  December 2, 2013.

Art and Poetry.  Exhibition of original poetry and original corresponding painting.  “My Friends Are Poets” Kristine Doll and Adel Gorgy. New York, October 2013.

Reading of my poems and translations, by invitation.  International Poetry Festival.  The 15th Anniversary of Shabdaguchha.  New York, August 2013. 

“Transcendental Translation:  Metaphysics and Language.”  Northeast Modern Languages Association 44th Annual Convention.  Boston MA, March 2013.  Roundtable Chair and Presenter.

Reading of my poems and translations.  Association of Writers and Writing Programs. Boston MA, March 2013.

“Enlazándose con otros:  nuevas perspectivas en la enseñanza del español.  Massachusetts Foreign Language Association 44th Annual Conference, Sturbridge MA, October 2011.

Invited presenter,  “Presentació de ‘Elegies.’”  El Retiro 140, Sitges, Spain, June 22, 2011.

Invited presenter, “Elegies de Joan Alcover.”  L’Espai Mallorca, Barcelona, Spain, June 21, 2011.

Invited presenter, my English translations of Catalan poetry, the International Poetry Festival, Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea, Wales, UK, June 2011.

“Translation:  The House of Many Windows.”  Chair and presenter, Massachusetts Annual Poetry Festival, Salem, MA, April 2011.

 “Translation and Identity:  Transforming the Personal toward the National and the Global.”  Roundtable Chair, Northeast Modern Language Association 41st Anniversary Convention. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. April 7-11, 2010.

“Translation as Transformative Experience.”  Translation and Identity:  Transforming the Personal to the National/Global.  Presenter.  41st Annual Northeast Modern Language Association Convention, Montreal, Quebec April 8-11, 2010. 

"La poesía de Joan Alcover." Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea, Wales, UK. June 2009

"Poetry Workshop" with Dr. August Bover (U. Barcelona). Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea, Wales, UK. June 2009

"Collaborative Departmental Development" with Dr. Nicole Sherf. Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, New York, NY. April 2009

"Investigacion activa/aplicacion practica en el salon de clase." Massachusetts Foreign Language Association 42nd Annual Conference, Sturbridge, MA. October 2008