Nicole L Sherf

Nicole L Sherf

Professional Details

Title: Professor
Office: SB-204A
Phone: 978-542-6468

Fall & Winter Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
1066 S1 SPN752 Methods, Techniques and Strategies for Teaching Spanish (5-12)
1266 01 SPN388A Methodology of Teaching Spanish P-6
1268 01 SPN389 Methodology of Teaching Spanish 5-12
2852 03 SPN101 Elementary Spanish I
2853 04 SPN101 Elementary Spanish I
3919 S1 SPN762 Research in Teaching Spanish (5-12)

Professional Biography

Nicole Sherf graduated from Middlebury College in Vermont with a doctorate in modern languages. Prior to coming to Salem State, she was the K-12 department chair and Spanish and French teacher at Manchester-Essex Regional School District. A long-time board member of the Massachusetts Foreign Language Association, she is a foreign language advocate and a state and national presenter on topics of teaching, assessment and articulation. This year she is teaching SPN 380 Peer Tutoring, two SPN 101 Elementary Spanish classes, and the seminar and practicum for teaching Spanish.