Kenneth Reeds

Kenneth Reeds

Professional Details

Title: Associate Professor
Office: SB-117B
Phone: 978-542-7178

Professional Biography

Kenneth Reeds is an Associate Professor in the Department of World Languages and Cultures. He graduated with a PhD in comparative literature from University College London. His research focuses on points where the Spanish-speaking cultures encounter English-language cultures, particularly in prose manifestations in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. During spring 2017 he is on sabbatical.

Professional Interests

Intercultural points of contact, literary elucidation of marginalized voices, Latin American culture and literature, comparative literature, European literature, literature from the United States, postcolonial studies, Spain, and Asturias


Former Coordinator for the MAT in Spanish. If you have questions regarding this program, you should contact the Dr. Nicole Sherf

Selected Publications


Co-Editor (with Dr. Anna Rocca) of Women Taking Risks in Contemporary Autobiographical Narratives, Cambridge Scholarly Publishing (2013).  

Author of What is Magical Realism?: An Explanation of a Literary Style, The Edwin Mellen Press (2012)

Translation from Spanish to English of Caras B de la Historia del Video Arte en España.  eds. Nekane Aramburu and Carlos Trigueros.  Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y Cooperación del Gobierno de España (2011). 


Urban Pessimism and the Optimism between the Lines: Literary Latin American Cities and Roberto Bolaño’s 2666” in Hipertexto 14 (Verano 2011). 

"El civilizado sobre el bárbaro: el empleo de William Henry Hudson en la obra de Jorge Luis Borges."  Espéculo: Revista De Estudios Literarios de La Universidad Complutense de Madrid 47 (Marzo-Junio 2011). 

“Magical Realism: A Problem of Definition.”  Neophilologus 90 (2006): 175-196. 

“Further Reading.”  A Companion to Magical Realism.  Eds. Stephen Hart and Wen-Chin Ouyang.  London: Tamesis, 2005.

Selected Presentations

“¿De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de realismo mágico?” Three-hour presentation at the Massachusetts Foreign Language Association’s Diversity Day at Lasell College, 10 May 2014.  

“What Do You Find at the Road’s End?  Roberto Bolaño’s 2666.”  New England Council on Foreign Languages’ 2013 Annual Fall Conference at Wheaton College, Norton, MA.  9 November 2013.  

“Roberto Bolaño’s La literatura Nazi en América: Dark Humor as Satire and Literary Criticism.” New England Council on Foreign Languages’ 2012 Annual Fall Conference at Yale University in New Haven, CT. 3 November 2012

“Victims of Violence: Latin America’s Narrative Reaction to Magical Realism and its Reflection in Cinema.” New England Council on Foreign Languages’ 2011 Annual Fall Conference at Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H. 5 November 2011

“Cartoons and Art: Linking Language Students to a Larger World.”  MaFLA 44th Annual Fall Conference in Sturbridge, MA. 28 October 2011

“How to Read and Approach Cultural Differences and Stereotypes.”  American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages’ Convention and World Languages Expo in Boston, MA., 19 November 2010.  Presenting with Dr. Anna Rocca from Salem State University. 

“El civilizado sobre el bárbaro: el empleo de William Henry Hudson en la obra de Jorge Luis Borges.”  Coloquio Literario de la Feria Internacional del Libro de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico, 15 October 2010. 

“The South Was Our North.”  Lasell College, Massachusetts Foreign Language Association’s Diversity Day, 1 May 2010. 

“Urban Pessimism and the Optimism between the Lines: Literary Latin American Cities.”  Florida International University’s Seventh Biennial Conference on Spanish and Spanish-American Cultural Studies: Hispanic Literature and Film at the Bicentennial of Latin American Independences (1810-2010), 2-3 April 2010. 

“Roundtable Discussion on Magical Realism.”  University College London’s Festival of the Moving Image, 30 October 2007.  Other Roundtable Participants: Professor Gerald Martin, Film Directors Fernando Birri and Holly Aylett.

“Magical Realism’s Hermeneutics of Vagueness.”  University College London, University of London, 18 September, 2007. 

“The Civilized Through the Barbarous: Jorge Luis Borges on William Henry Hudson.”  The Institute for Germanic and Romance Studies, University of London.  Mediations and Meditations: Iberia and Latin America in Travel Writing Conference, 17 June 2006. 

“Magical Realism and the Negative Definition.”  HERMES International Literary Conference, Cascais, Portugal, 28 June 2005.