Charles Francis Warren

Charles Francis Warren

Professional Details

Title: Test Evaluator
Office: None
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Professional Biography

Charles Francis Warren, Ph. D. [The University of Alabama]; Visiting Professor--English and Management Departments.

  • Dr. Warren's faculty website for use by all of his students:
  • Direct line (with daily monitored voicemail) for use by students: 978-712-0007  

Professional Interests

ENGLISH: Business writing/workplace communication; Grammar and synatx; Dramatic literature; British literary studies; World literature/Great Books. MANAGEMENT: Business research principles and methods; OB/OD: employee training and development; Followership/leadership studies; Human resource management: recruitment/ selection, workplace safety/security, and compensation/benefits.


ENGLISH DEPARTMENT:   Seminar on Mark Twain [ENL 530]; Women in Drama [ENL 482]; Modern (20th Century) American Drama [ENL 481]; Literature of the American West [ENL 457]; Art of the Essay [ENL 336]; The Short Story I [ENL 330]; Technical Writing [ENL 315]; Business Writing [ENL 314]; Grammar and Style [ENL 306]; History of the English Language [ENL 305]; Advanced Writing [ENL 300]; Drama I & II [ENL 280; ENL 281]; Greek and Roman Classics in Translation [ENL 262]; World Literature/Great Books I & II [ENL 260; ENL 261]; British Literary Studies I & II [ENL 240; ENL 241]; Literature and the Reader [ENL 231]; Foundations of Writing [ENL 110].  

MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT:   Business Research Methods [BUS 563]; Interpersonal Relations for Managers [MGT 475]; Labor/Management Relations [MGT 442]; Employee Training and Development in Organizations [MGT 415]; Leadership in Management [MGT 403]; Management of Diversity in Organizations [MGT 349]; Small Business Management [MGT 337]; Compensation & Benefits Management [MGT 333]; Organizational Behavior [MGT 332]; Human Resource Management [MGT 330]; Management Theory & Practice [MGT 231].

Personal Interests

British studies and culture: history of the monarchy; Restoration literature; fictional detectives. Biographies of the celebrated as well as the infamous. Mass transit: rapid transit and subway systems of the world. Foreign languages. Ancient Greek and Roman literature. Renaissance/ Baroque/Classical music. Films by visionary directors: Coen Bros; Tarantino; Hithcock; Ford, Anderson; Lynch, etc. European travel. Ancient and mediaeval architectural history. Historic preservation [USA/New England].