Sarah E Dietrich

Sarah E Dietrich

Professional Details

Title: Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: None
Phone: None

Spring Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
1194 01 EDC405 Culturally Responsive Teaching
1974 P1 EDS796A Half-Practicum in Teaching English as a Second Language
1975 P1 EDS796N Graduate Practicum in Teaching English as a Second Language
2004 S1 EDU745A Literacy, Language and Diversity
2162 S2 EDS799 Teaching Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary to English Language Learners

Professional Biography


Boston University, Doctorate of Education, Literacy, Language, and Cultural Studies A Bilingual Approach to the Examination of Writing Productsand Processes in Adults who are Learning to Write in their Second Language 

Masters of Education, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

University of Paris VII, Masters of Arts, History La femme comme trosième sexe: La remise en cause du rôle dela femme

University of Pennsylvania, Bachelor of Arts, History and French, minor Women's Studies

Selected grants:

Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program for Iraq, Co-director and representative for principal administrative contact, 10-week program bringing 8 junior faculty members (TESOL/Applied Linguistics) to Salem State University, 2014

Fulbright Scholar, Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas, Mexico Teaching and Learning English in Mexico: Language and Literacy Development in a Second Language, 2006-7

Professional Interests

Service Learning

Study abroad as teacher training

Culturally responsive teaching

Bilingual language and literacy development

Grammar for teachers

Faculty, staff, and comprehensive international program development






Selected Publications

Dietrich, S., Minett, A. and Z. Newell. Our Iraqi Fulbright Adventure: Internationalization and the Terrain of the “Third Space.” Sextant. Salem, MA: Salem State University (Forthcoming, Fall 2016).

Dietrich, S. (2011). Studying abroad: Impact(s) on the beliefs of future teachers. (2011).Summaries of selected presentations. Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico. MEXTESOL.

Dietrich, S. (2007). Professional Development and English Language Teaching in Tamaulipas: Describing the Training and Challenges of Two Groups of Teachers. Special Topic Issue,: The Professionalization of ELT in Mexico: National and local perspectives. MEXTESOL Journal.

Dietrich, S. (2007). Falling Into Place: A Trip to Mexico Helps Put the Experiences of International Students into Perspective. Salem Statement

Dietrich, S.  (2007). “Resourceful interaction: Making the most of an authentic information gap.” Language Magazine, April, 31.



Selected Presentations

Internationalization as ‘Third Space’: Examples from Our Iraqi Fulbright Adventure, International Society of Language Studies, June 2016 (with Amy Jo Minett and Zachary Newell).

Intercultural Competence: Teaching Strategies and Assessments, Pearls and Perils, Salem State University, May 2016. (with Elizabeth Blood, Julie Kiernan, Keja Valens, Guorong Zhu).

She/He/They/Ze: Reflecting on Identity. Writing Vertically Conference, Salem State University, April 2016.

Arab, Sunni, Shia, Kurd: Intergroup Identity Conflict and English Language Programs, American Association of Applied Linguistics Annual Conference (AAAL)/ Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics (CAAL), March 2015 (with Amy Jo Minett).

E-Service Learning: Fostering Intercultural Communication, TESOL March 2015 (with Didem Ekici).

Teacher is this correct?”: Integrating grammar into any lesson Pre-conference institute, MEXTESOL (Mexican Teachers of English) Annual Convention October 2014.  

Make it work: Service Learning in the IEP Context TESOL March 2014.

Service Learning as Teacher Development: Lessons from a Pilot Project TESOL March 2014.

Assessing our impact on student awareness: How do we teach about diversity and difference? Pearls and Perils May 2014 (with Guillermo Avila-Saavedra, Steven Oliver, Roopika Risam, Vanessa Ruget, Keja Valens, Julie Whitlow, Guorong Zhu).