Stephenie Young

Stephenie Young

Professional Details

Title: Associate Professor
Office: MH-100B
Phone: 978-542-7258

Professional Biography

Academic Biography:

Currently a research fellow (2015-2017) at the SSU Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies and an associate professor in the English Department, I joined the faculty of Salem State in the fall of 2008. I completed my M.A. and Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at the State University of New York, Binghamton, and earned my B.A. in Art History from California State University, Long Beach.

I am writing a book about the contentious relationship among aesthetics, forensics and memorialization in artistic production, mainly photography, about post-conflict former Yugoslavia. I am also working on a co-edited collection that focuses on aesthetics and catastrophe in recent women's writing which will be titled Trafficking Memory. My co-edited collection with Adele Parker, Transnationalism and Resistance: Experience and Experiment in Contemporary Women's Writingwas published in 2013. 

Please see my personal website for further information about my research and teaching.


Professional Interests

Comparative Twentieth Century Literatures

20th c. Latin American Literature

Visual Culture/Aesthetics

Problems of Memory

Experimental Testimony (especially conflict/post-conflict narratives)   

The Forensic Imagination

Holocaust Studies

Critical Theory

Women's Writing

Selected Publications

Chapter: "The Forensic Imagination: Evidence, Art and the Post-Yugoslav Document." Edited Collection by the Wiesenthal Institute, Vienna. (forthcoming winter 2016). 

Chapter: "Performative Memory-Making and the Future of the Kestenberg Archive" in Understanding the Kestenberg Child Survivor Testimony Collection: Historical, Linguistic and Psychological Approaches. Oxford and New York: Berghahn Press. (forthcoming winter 2016).

Review: Margarita Saona's Memory Matters in Transitional Peru in Dissidences: Hispanic Journal of Theory and Criticism. Vol. 6: Iss. 11, Article 8.

Review: Roberto Bolaño’s A Little Lumpen Novelita in Asymptote (January 2015).

Edited Collection. Transnationalism and Resistance: Experience and Experiment in Contemporary Women's Writing. (New York/Amsterdam: Rodopi Press, 2013).

Chapter: "Introduction" and “Transnationalism and a Post-Yugoslav Writer,” in Transnationalism and Resistance: Experience and Experiment in Contemporary Women's Writing. New York: Rodopi Press.(New York/Amsterdam: Rodopi Press, 2013)

Chapter: "Yugonostalgia and the Post-National Narrative." In The New Order of War. (New York/Amsterdam: Rodopi Press, 2010).

Selected Presentations

"Bodies of Evidence: Memory, Forensics and Documentary Literature about Ex-Yugoslavia." After Memory: Conflicting Claims to World War II in Contemporary Eastern European Literatures. Berlin Zentrum für Literatur-und Kulturforschung. November 2015. 

"The Forensic Imagination: Photography as a Post-Yugoslav Document." Colloque international: Traces matérielles de la mort de masse: l’objet exhumé. Marseilles, France. November 2015. 

Invited Workshop Participant, "Bodies of Evidence: Forensics, Photography, and the Post-Yugoslav Document." Wiesenthal Institute, Vienna, Austria. June 2015.

Invited Participant, "Treacherous Territories: Translating Material Evidence in Post-Conflict Bosnia." Center for International Education, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. April 2015. 

"A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I-XVIII: Forensic Aesthetics and the Transnational Document." American Comparative Literature Association. Seattle, WA. March 2015.

Invited Lecture, "Grave Anxieties: Forensics, Visual Art, and the Urgency for Memory in Post-Conflict Zones." Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies Lecture Series. Salem State University. March 2015. 

"In the Shadow of Mengele’s Skull: Forensics and Memorialization in Post-Conflict Bosnia." Transnational Holocaust Memory. University of Leeds, England. January 2015. 



Personal Interests

Travel, cycling, photography, learning new languages