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Undergraduate Course Details
Number ENL 161
Title Literature II: Reading Closely
Credits 3.0
Distribution DI
Prerequisites Prerequisite or Co-requisite: W-I course
Winter/Spring 2016 Classes
Sec Ref # Dates Days Times Location Instructor
S1 1029 1/19/16 - 5/9/16 TBA TBA Online Mary C Balestraci
01 3091 1/19/16 - 5/16/16 WF 9:25am - 10:40am SB-207A Scott A Nowka
02 3092 1/19/16 - 5/16/16 WF 10:50am - 12:05pm SB-207A Scott A Nowka
03 3093 1/19/16 - 5/16/16 M 1:10pm - 3:50pm MH-321 Pierre A Walker
04 3094 1/19/16 - 5/16/16 WF 10:50am - 12:05pm MH-338 Jeffrey S Theis


Through intensive close-reading practices, students will get to know a small number of literary works in great depth. Students will learn research methods as they study myriad aspects of the text(s) and context(s). Areas of focus may include: literary and historical traditions, sources, influences, intertexts, form, genre, aesthetics, thematics, and reception. Required of Bachelor of Arts, English Majors. Three lecture hours per week.