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The Management Concentration

The Management Concentration is a general course of study for students who aspire to supervisory positions, employment in corporations, or a knowledge of business administration.The business core curriculum (Courses in Major) is the foundation for this concentration. Student may choose more advanced studies in the upper division courses such as : Organizational Behavior, International Business, Small Business Management, Human Resource Management, Labor/Management Relations, Leadership, Business Law, Seminars on Current Topics, and Interpersonal Relations for Managers. The department encourages students to pursue internships that complement their course of study. Graduates with this concentration are prepared to enter most fields of business at the entry level. As they progress in their career, the skills, knowledge, and abilities in management acquired during their studies will prepare them for more responsible positions in business organizations.

The Entrepreneurship Concentration

The Entrepreneurship Concentration provides students with the fundamental knowledge required in any business venture and to add to that foundation specific bodies of knowledge that will result in their being prepared for a career in the entrepreneurial segment of the U.S. economy. The instructional program integrates the experience of founders and employees of entrepreneurial ventures with the academic excellence of the faculty to give the student a “real world” view of entrepreneurship. The intent of the concentration is to provide students with broad exposure to business problem solving and to assist them in thedevelopment of the skills required to solve those problems. The objective of the concentration is to produce graduates who are intellectually ready to function effectively in an entrepreneurial environment.

The Human Resource Management Concentration

The Human Resource Management Concentration gives students the specific, professional competencies to successfully implement the principles and practices for employee selection and development in organizations of all kinds. Employment is possible in corporate human resources management departments, employment agencies, and consulting firms. Students should master human resources management techniques such as employment interviewing, team building, conflict resolution, and negotiation. Students should also understand the legal environment of human resources management. In addition, the concentration emphasizes learning how to take action to assure equal employment opportunity. Students will have the opportunity to learn about all the major functional areas of human resources management and will also learn about how change in the human resources management practices of organizations is brought about.

The Hospitality Management Concentration

The Hospitality Management Concentration is designed to provide students with specific knowledge and skills required tosucceed at the management level in the hospitality industry. The business core curriculum is the foundation of this concentration with industry specific courses to prepare the student for a career in the field.  Included in the concentration is instruction specific to the various segments of the industry including hotels, restaurants, casinos and conferences among others. There is also advanced study in accounting, finance and marketing for the hospitality industry. An internship is required in this concentration and other industry experience in encouraged. With this experience and the student’s coursework, the student should enter the industry with competence in a variety of different operational settings and be qualified to manage at an entry level position.  Graduates should be prepared for leadership roles within this global industry.

The International Business Concentration

The International Business Concentration is designed to provide students with specific knowledge and analytical skills they need to take advantage of the opportunities created by the globalization of business activities and the growing interdependence of the economies of nations. The program draws from a rich liberal arts education combined with basic knowledge in all the functional areas of business administration. In addition, students can choose specialized courses in Management and in otherdepartments of the Institution to deepen their knowledge of spe-cific areas of personal interest. Students who are employed bymultinational companies, exporters, importers, freight forwarders, customs brokers, transportation firms, wholesalers, manufacturers or those who would like to pursue a career in international business should choose this concentration. Students are strongly encouraged to use their free electives toward gaining proficiency in a foreign language.  It is also recommended that students utilize a study abroad program which would expose them to foreign cultures and businesses.