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February 5, 2016

Kevin Borgeson

Professional Details

Title: Associate Professor
Office: HB-308
Phone: 978-542-7128

Spring Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
2358 01 CRJ200 Corrections
2359 02 CRJ200 Corrections
2365 02 CRJ250 Introduction to Criminal Investigation Procedures
2383 01 CRJ380 Criminal Profiling
2384 02 CRJ380 Criminal Profiling
2385 S1 CRJ380 Criminal Profiling
3834 02 CRJ530 Directed Study in Criminal Justice

Professional Biography

 I earned my Ph.D. in Sociology from Northeastern University in 2001. I also hold a Master's degree in Sociology from Northeastern University and a bachelor's degree in Sociology from Bridgewater State College.

Professional Interests

Hate Crimes,Domestic Terrorism, and Serial Offenders


Undergraduate Courses Bias Crime, Criminal Investigation, Corrections and Criminal Profiling

Selected Publications


  • Borgeson,Kevin and Kristen Kuehnle(Eds). (2010). Serial Offenders In Theory and Practice.  Jones and Bartlett Press:Sudbury,MA.
  • Borgeson, Kevin and Robin Valeri(Eds). (2009). Terrorism in America. Jones and Bartlett Press: Sudbury,MA.


  • Borgeson, Kevin and Robin Valeri. “Gay Skins: Negotiating a Gay Identity in a Culture of Traditional Masculinity”. Journal of Men’s Studies. (Winter) 2015.
  • Kilburn, John, Steven Costanza, Eric Metchik and Kevin Borgeson. “Policing Terror Threats and False Positives:Employing a Signal Detection Model to Examine Changes in National and Local Policing Strategy Between 2001-2007”. Security Journal. (Fall) 2009.
  • Valeri,Robin and Kevin Borgeson. “Reframing Affirmative Action: Examining the Impact on White Americans. ”Michigan Sociological Review, Volume 21 (Fall) 2007.
  • Borgeson, Kevin and Robin Valeri. “Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend.  Journal of Behavioral Sciences. (October) 2006.

Selected Presentations

 Police Discretion and Misdemeanors. Paper Presented at the ACJS. March 17, 2007.

Does the Nose Know? Examining the impact of scent identification on juror decisions. Paper presented at the meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, Baltimore, MD. March, 2006.

The Future of Research on Hate Groups in America. International Convention on Hate Crimes. Boston, Massachusetts April 1-2, 2005.

Impression management tactics of college athletes. Poster presented at the meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, Boston, MA. March 10-12, 2005.

The Rhetoric of Skinheads: Recruiters for Hate. MLA conference New Orleans, December 28, 2001.

Cyberhate: A Plenary Session on Hate Groups and the Internet. NESA Spring Conference, April 2001.

Rude Boys, Rebels and Racists: An Examination of Skinhead Subculture. Center for Millennial Studies, Boston University, Fall Conference, 2000.