Criminal Justice

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Undergraduate Course Details
Number CRJ 400
Title Criminal Justice Research I: Research Methods
Credits 3.0
Distribution W
Prerequisites W-I course and CRJ362
Winter/Spring 2017 Classes
Sec Ref # Dates Days Times Location Instructor
01 1123 1/17/17 - 5/15/17 TR 12:15pm - 1:30pm HB-113 Eric W Metchik
02 2636 1/17/17 - 5/15/17 TR 1:40pm - 2:55pm HB-113 Eric W Metchik


This course will outline the research process and will utilize criminological studies to illustrate research methods. The following will be examined: problem formulation involving topic selection, literature review, definition and operationalization of concepts, and construction of hypotheses; design of research strategy including examination of descriptive, exploratory, experimental, cross-sectional and longitudinal studies; data collection techniques; data management and analysis; and presentation of findings. The integration and application of theory, research and policy will be discussed. This is a W-III writing intensive course. Three lecture hours per week. CRJ major requirement.