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Undergraduate Course Details
Number ITC 190
Title Problem Solving in Virtual Worlds
Credits 3.0
Distribution DII
Prerequisites High school Algebra I and II


This course is an introduction to the skill of problem solving. Students will learn skills to define problems, gather information, and think creatively in order to develop alternative ways of solving a particular problem. Topics include problem-solving methods, software development strategies such as top-down and bottom-up design, step-wise refinement, testing and debugging, and how to read, modify and develop simple algorithms. Algorithms will be implemented using 3D animation and/or virtual reality tools, such as Alice, Greenfoot, and/or Karel the Robot. Three lecture hours per week, plus laboratory work outside of class. Not open to students who have received credit for CSC190 or CSC201. Credit for this course may not be applied to the Major or Minor in Computer Studies.