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The computer science department offers a well-integrated curriculum for its majors and minors and a variety of courses in information technology. The department strives for excellence in providing students with a strong foundation in computer science and information technology concepts, processes, tools, and in preparing students to develop analytical, design and communication skills necessary to enter professional careers or graduate schools.

Computer Science Major

For almost 35 years, the computer science department at Salem State has offered the opportunity for studying a technology as restless and changeable as any subject matter in the curriculum. The academic discipline of computer science has always been to a significant extent driven by existing hardware and software technology. Granted accreditation by CAC/ABET, the major in computer and information studies consists of 15 computer science courses (nine required courses plus six others selected according to specific guidelines), together with five support courses in mathematics, physics and science. Through the choice of one of the following options and appropriate upper-division electives, the student can specialize in a particular area.

  • Computation theory
  • Computer systems
  • Embedded systems object-oriented methods
  • Parallel computing
  • Software engineering

    In addition to preparing students for careers in a variety of computer-related areas, the curriculum in computer and information studies also provides a foundation for further study of computer science at the graduate level.

Ongoing Assessment

Assessment of the computer science major is conducted on an ongoing basis via the following scheduled activities:

  • Computer science curriculum committee meetings
  • Student major-level course assessment
  • Industry advisory board meetings
  • Review of major-level course offerings
  • Documentation of faculty professional development activities

Computer Literacy Education

The computer science department is responsible for college-wide computer literacy education. We emphasize the understanding of software applications, computer hardware, and social and ethical issues influenced by computer technology. Vital to this literacy is knowledge of the application of software that increases productivity and aids in decision making in any discipline.

Master's Program

The computer science department is in the initial stages of developing a 30-credit master’s program in computer and information studies and will be conducting survey among Salem State computer science upperclassmen and alumni as well as from professionals in the related fields.

Information Technology Minor/Major

The computer science department is in the planning stages to develop an ITC minor/major.