Molly Pinto Madigan '13, Music; Commonwealth Honors Program


"I have a lot of interests, so when I started thinking about colleges, I began to think about what direction I wanted to go in, academically, and what area I wanted to major in. I knew that I really loved music, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with a music degree. I took a gap year after graduating from high school (I was homeschooled), and enrolled in two ethnomusicology classes at Salem State. I loved the courses and realized that ethnomusicology was something that I’m really interested in. Through ethnomusicology I saw a way to combine all of my main interests. Music had always been a constant in my life, and something I never lost interest in. Those classes confirmed my beliefs, and I knew that I wanted to major in music.   

My academic experience has been amazing. I am so impressed with the faculty at Salem State. All of my classes have been small – I haven’t been in a class with over 25 students – and I feel that the professors really go out of their way to help and connect with students. The faculty within the music department has been phenomenal. It’s a growing major, but it’s still small enough that everyone knows each other’s name. It’s a close-knit community within the school.

I’ve always been really passionate about music, folklore, language, and culture. I hope follow my interests and study ethnomusicology at the graduate level."