Julianna H. Andrews '11, public history, applied ethics, sociology; Commonwealth Honors Program


"Salem State has been a perfect fit for me. It is close to home and I can take more than six classes a semester and complete multiple majors. 

The departments that have truly challenged me have been philosophy and foreign language. I am not naturally talented with languages, which has made my difficulty in the subject understandable. Philosophy has pushed my mind farther than I thought possible, and it has been a marvelous experience.

I am glad I joined Phenomenology and Philosophy club. If I hadn’t joined the club I wouldn’t have ended up being chair of academic affairs on SGA, president of the Philosophy Club, or been part of multiple committees. Joining clubs have also made me more outgoing. They have brought me out of my shell, and showed me I could take on new subjects, be a student leader and pursue my passions."