Ellen Kristiansen '11, Geological Sciences


“I didn’t start off as a geology major, but immediately fell in love with it after taking only one class. What I love about geology is how it is such a diverse field and encompasses all the sciences. During my time here at Salem State I’ve been exposed to many different classes and had experiences I never would have had with any other major, including presenting at professional conferences around the country and spending six weeks in Montana. The department has become my home away from home and has made my college years unforgettable.

Although my soon to be four years at Salem State have probably been the most challenging years of my life, they have also been the best. Working closely with my professors and fellow students I’ve learned so much about geology, and also about myself. Growing up in Norway, I always wanted to attend college in the United States, but I never imagined it being as rewarding as my experience at Salem State has turned out to be.

I chose Salem State because of its great reputation of providing an outstanding, yet affordable, education. The small classes and the one-on-one interaction with professors make the college experience more personal; you’re more than just a face in a large lecture hall. The professors at Salem encourage and push you to improve, achieve more, and will ensure you reach your full potential.”