Cameron Morissette '11, Geological Sciences; Minor: English

Cameron Morisette

“I chose geological sciences as my major for the promise of travel, the intimacy of the department and the relevance of geology in society. A student with a degree in geological sciences from Salem State University is very valuable to graduate schools and employers worldwide.

In my four years at Salem State University, I have achieved more than I would have ever expected. I’ve driven across the country with the geological sciences department to study in Montana. For two years, I have been a part of a professional research study involving lakes in Maine. I’ve also traveled to Denver, Pittsburgh and Buffalo to represent the school at professional conferences. Without the support of the School of Arts and Sciences, I would have never achieved all of the goals I am most proud of in my life today.

I have great confidence that I will attend graduate school after earning my degree in geological sciences. Through my experiences at Salem State University I have learned to network and communicate with leaders in the wider world of science. The knowledge I have gained from the faculty in geological sciences has turned me into a capable and promising young scientist.”