Ashley Morris '11; Music; Minor in Theatre

“When I started looking at colleges, I was focusing on schools with strong music and theatre programs that were relatively close to my hometown. I was recommended by my voice teacher to look at Salem State, and when I did, I discovered that Salem State not only had the programs I was looking for, but it was less than an hour away from my family. Enrolling here has been the best decision that I have ever made. Everything about it fits me perfectly, from the class sizes to the campus to the city of Salem itself.

I chose to study music because it has always been something that I found happiness and comfort in. The department itself is very close-knit and open to everyone, so I felt very welcome right from the beginning. It is now my job, as a student employee, to give new students that same welcoming feeling.

I have always loved working with children, so I am considering attending graduate school for music education. If I do not end up going down that path, I know that music will forever be an important part of my life.”