Dr. Rocca will give a guest lecture at Bryant University, RI

Dr. Anna Rocca

On October 28, Dr. Anna Rocca will give a guest lecture in the Modern Languages Department at Bryant University, in Smithfield, Rhode Island.

Talk Title

“Italy: Creative Solutions to Ethnic Intolerance”

Talk Summary

Like many other societies throughout the world, Italian society has undergone significant changes during the last fifteen years, as a consequence of increased mobility of people across the globe. Despite a long tradition of liberal and democratic values informing its constitution,the controversial 2002 Bossi-Fini law was arguably the beginning of an Italian political shift towards intolerance of immigration. However, in the last decade, counteracting political decision makers,artists, academics and social commentators’ initiatives inspired a variety of courageous creative projects in different Italian cities. By fostering mutual knowledge and constructive and peaceful interactions among cultures, those initiatives have come to represent and embody the enormous benefits that a tolerant, culturally diverse society can bring.