Life Course Studies Concentration

Students who are interested in working with children, youth, families, or the elderly may find the Life Course Studies concentration to be of particular interest. It offers students in-depth study of the human life course and how sociological concepts such as roles, status, norms, socialization, institutions, power socialization, research methodology, and theoretical analysis apply to the study of children, adults, and old age. Students will also gain an understanding of the current state of organizations, policies, funding, and practices as they apply to children, adults, and the elderly. Students who elect to focus on children and youth may wish to consider picking up a Certificate in Child Studies from DGCE. This concentration may also be tailored to specialize for work in gerontology as well as with families. This option prepares students for continued study in graduate school and provides them with visible skills for child-centered jobs in the community, and careers as nursing home and hospital administrators, programs directors, counselors, etc. Through the choice of electives students can choose to focus on a particular aspect of the life course or to generalize in all areas of the life course.