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Undergraduate Course Details
Number ECO 201
Title Principles of Macroeconomics
Credits 3.0
Distribution DIII/Q


A study of economic aggregates. National income accounting, the role of consumption, savings, investment and government spending, the open economy (exports and imports), that is, our economy's interactions with the global economy, the functions of money and credits, the banking system and fiscal and monetary policy will be examined from a descriptive and analytical point of view. The economic objectives of growth, price, stability and full employment are reviewed and evaluated in the light of current issues. The influences of political, social, legal, environmental, global, and technological issues are discussed in the process of presenting applications of macroeconomic theories. Oral discussion, quantitative analysis, computer usage and Internet research are encouraged. Three lecture hours per week. Required of all Economics majors and Business Administration majors. Division III elective for all other majors.