Pre-Health Careers

Health careers inĀ medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine and other-health related fieldsĀ is an arduous and competitively intense process. Schools typically require applicants to include general biology, general and organic chemistry, physics, and one year of college mathematics in their undergraduate preparation. A student in the BS biology degree program satisfies these minimum admissions requirements and also takes numerous content courses such as genetics and general physiology that are of help in preparing for standardized entrance examinations and professional courses.

Whether or not a student majors in biology in preparation for these health professions, every student interested in such a career should contact the pre-professional advisor no later than the end of the sophomore year regarding the complex admissions process. Dr. Susan M. Case in the biology department is the advisor for the health-related professions. All students interested in applying to medical, dental, veterinary, or other professional health schools should consult her.

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