Why Not Economics at Salem State University?

Economics faculty at Friends and Family Day in 2008

The Economics Faculty participated in Family and Friends Day, October 2008. Kevin Beckwith, Ginnie Dunn, Dorothy Siden, Ken Ardon, Van Pham

It's about your future! Make yourself marketable!

Economics is the foundation of a true liberal arts education. With a sound foundation in economics, the sky is the limit for your future.

As an academic discipline, Economics recognizes that human wants are unlimited, but that the resources to satisfy those wants are limited. The recognition of these opposing facts necessitates rational choices to maximize human well-being. The choices that people make, and the way they make those choices, have social and political implications. Knowledge of economics and economic analysis is important for a better understanding of past and present social and political issues.

A degree in economics provides an excellent foundation for advanced studies in economics, law, and business, as well as the necessary tools for successful careers in almost any field.


Economics Mission Statement

The department of Economics provides instruction in economic theory and analytical problem-solving skills. We foster our students’ intellectual growth by encouraging the use of economic reasoning to better understand past and present economic and social issues providing students the tools to be effective citizens. Students build critical thinking skills as a foundation for either advanced studies or professional decision-making in a rapidly changing world.


Visit, email, or call us to discuss the Economics major or minor! We are located on North Campus, Meier Hall Rooms 231-235