Peter Alachi

Peter Alachi

Professional Details

Title: Visiting Instructor
Office: None
Phone: None

Summer Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
1175 01 BIO105 Biological Systems
1187 21 BIO105 Biological Systems
1196 21 BIO406 Microbiology

Professional Interests

Enterobacteriaceae, Numerical Taxonomy, Computer-aided Identification of Microorganisms.

Selected Publications

  1. Miller, J. M. and Alachi, P. 1996. Evaluation of a New Computer-Enhanced Identification Program of Microorganisms: Adaptation of BioBASE for the Identification of Enterobacteriaceae. J. Clin. Microbiol. 34:179-181.
  2. Alachi, P. Identification of Unknown Bacteria Using BioBASE. In Bio1120 General Microbiology Laboratory Manual. 1994-1996. Northeastern University; Boston, MA. 02115.
  3. Myaskovskaya, R., Chervonaya, G., O'Brien, J., and Alachi, P. Comparison of Identification Levels Reached by BioBASE, a Computer-Aided Identification Program, and the API 20E Using the API 20E Data Matrix. Abstract to the New England Society for Industrial Microbiology: The Future of Biotechnology as We Approach the 21st Century, Thursday, May 30, 1996.

Selected Presentations

1.  "Good Germs, Bad Germs, Why we need Bacteria to Live.".  2013 Presentation to the Explorers LLI Institute on the topic of beneficial and harmful bacteria in our bodies. 

2.  "Good Germs, Bad Germs.".  2014 Presentation to the Athenaeum Institute on the topic of beneficial and harmful bacteria in our bodies.  Included a discussion of the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa.

Personal Interests

The Bewitched cast visit to Salem in 1970 and the controversial Samantha Stephens statue at Lappin Park.  Have given presentations to the Explorers, LLI, at Cape Ann Cinema in Gloucester and to the Bewitched Fanfares in Salem in 2006 and 2012.  I've also authored 3 booklets on the topic:

(1) A Pictorial Tale of the Bewitched Statue of Salem, MA.  2006

(2) Salem's Summer of Sam, On the Trail of Bewitched in Salem, 1970.  2006.

(3) Bewitched and the Man at the Wheel.  2010.