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Undergraduate Course Details
Number BIO 131
Title Introduction to Organisms
Credits 4.0
Distribution DII


This course is intended as one-half of a two-semester sequence with BIO132. This course examines the diversity of life within evolutionary and ecological frameworks. Lecture topics include the kingdoms of life, evolutionary theory, basic anatomy and physiology of organisms, behavior, ecosystems and ecology. Emphasis will be placed on the different physiological and ecological adaptations of organisms for a vast array of ecosystems within the natural world. Laboratory exercises introduce basic dissection techniques, computer simulations, experimental design and analysis and experiments on the interactions between organisms and their environments. Student projects involve group experiments developing lab and field work, library and presentation skills. Three lecture hours and one three-hour laboratory per week. Intended for students majoring in Biology. Not open to students who have completed BIO102 or BIO 108H, or BIO115H or BIO121.