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January 28, 2015

Rebecca Plummer Rohloff

Rebecca Plummer Rohloff

Professional Details

Title: Assistant Professor
Office: MH-314B
Phone: 978-542-6318
Resume: Rebecca Plummer Rohloff [DOC 80KB]

Spring Courses

Cat. # Term Course # Title
2615 01 EDU453P Student Teaching Practicum in Art (5-12)
2616 01 EDU453PS Practicum Seminar in Teaching Art
2701 01 ART307A Preparation to Teach Art Pre-K-8
2714 01 ART333A Asian Art (Not Offerred Every Year)
2718 01 ART339 Preparation to Teach Art (5-12)
2766 01 EDU452C Stu Tchng Prac - Art

Professional Biography

Rebecca Rohloff is the Coordinator of Undergraduate and Graduate Art Education and serves on the School of Education Deans’ Council and as lead representative of the Committee on Licensure in the Arts & Sciences.

She began her career as a high school art teacher and completed her PhD in Art Education at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, later teaching as a visiting professor at Penn State. Dr. Rohloff has a diverse range of community and school experiences including working with seniors, children’s enrichment programs, and in hospitals. She is globally traveled and has lived in Japan, and more recently alongside Maya communities in the Highlands of Guatemala. Her research has focused on visual culture and youth identity, and the psychology of arts and healing. She is a practicing artist, educator, and Kripalu certified yoga instructor, and presently is working on her book, The Imaginarium: An Emancipatory Process of Life Excavation. Dr. Rohloff is a long-standing member of the National Art Education Association. She presents at national and state conferences, and was named by the MAEA the 2013 Art Educator of the Year. She lives in Salem with her husband and three kitties.


Professional Interests

Member of National Art Education Association

Member of Massachusetts  Art Education Association

Mindful practice/ contemplative pedagogy/ Kripalu Yoga

Expressive Arts &  Arts in Medicine

Arts Education Curriculum Design


Coordinator of the Art Education Program

Advisor for Student Chapter of NAEA

School of Ed Dean's Council, CAS Rep.

Committee Leader,  Licensure in the Arts & Sciences

SOAS University Retrerat Planning Committee

Art Advisor for the FAAST After School Art Club 


Selected Publications

June 200 Solidarity,Global Scholarship, and the Ethics of Encounter: A Case Study From Guatemala. In E. Delacruz & M. Parsons (2009). Art Education and G.l.o.b.a.l.i.z.a.t.i.o.n. National Art Education Association.

Creative Interventions: Arts-based Living Pedagogy. In McCarthy, C. ( Ed). (2007). Globalizing cultural studies: Interventions in methods and policy. New York: Peter Lang.

Beyond the Circus: Grounding A Visual Culture Pedagogy, in Duncum, P. ( 2006). Classroom Practices in visual culture. Preston, VA: NAEA.

Selected Presentations

Scientific Illustration Improved through Arts Intervention, 2014 NEFDC, “Moving from STEM to STEAM: What Really Works” Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI

Mass Art Ed Association Conference, 2013 U Mass Darthmouth, Acessing the State of Pre-service Teacher Prep Programs.

Coordinator of MAEA 2012 Conference at Salem State ,Hats Off to Arts Educators

National Art Education Association Conventions:  Baltimore, 2009 "Maya Murals", Chicago 2008 "ECO-Art WEBs"  New York, 2007 "Masks of Cool"

Personal Interests

Mixed Media Painting, Sculpture,  jewelry & mask making

Practicing & Teaching Yoga & Mindfullness

Guatemala- Maya life & cultural arts