Bachelor of Arts Sociology

This program offers students flexibility in the choice of courses and is particularly appropriate for students who wish to pursue graduate studies. Thirty-six hours are required which consist of 21 hours in sociology core courses plus 15 hours in sociology electives. Beyond the requirement of a foreign language (completion of a college level intermediate year), a minor of 15 to 18 hours is selected. Among the possibilities for a choice of a minor are African-American Studies, political science, psychology, economics, a foreign language, history, interdisciplinary studies, etc. All minors should be developed in conjunction with advisors and with the permission of the departments involved.

Options within the BA Degree

Students who are interested in emphasizing a particular course theme within the BA degree should be aware of the existence of options which can be developed in consultation with the department chairperson. A program of sociology electives can be chosen, forming a coherent sequence of related courses. The two following options are suggestions; students are free to devise their own, provided the department chairperson’s consent is obtained.

Minorities and Ethnic Cultures

For the student who wants to gain a deeper understanding of groups that are different from the mainstream of American society, such as society in other parts of the world, or racial, ethnic and other minorities in our own society:

  • Social Inequality
  • Hispanic Groups
  • Cultures of the Frontier
  • Women, Globalization and Development
  • African-American Studies Courses
  • Peoples of India
  • Black Family

Life Styles

For the student who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the variety of ways men and women choose to live and interact with one another. Various lifestyles will be considered within the cultural and social context of contemporary society:

  • Social Inequality
  • Social Deviance
  • Sociology of the American Family
  • Gender and Society 
  • Sociology of Aging