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Making Waves

Dean Brewer Doran

Welcome to the second edition of Making Waves, the newsletter of the Bertolon School of Business at Salem State. This newsletter will be sent out each term, helping alumni, students, faculty, and staff members stay up-to-date on the activities of the Bertolon School of Business. In addition to being informative about the school, we also hope to provide ideas and means for each of you to succeed in your professional lives.

In this issue

In this issue, you will find articles about our newest full-time faculty members and an update on our service-learning project at the Danvers Historical Society. We highlight our Bertolon students with an article about the new peer mentoring program. You can see the importance of alumni involvement by reading about their participation in some of our classes. Finally, we hope to expand your personal business tool kit with an article on networking in a down economy.

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Update on AACSB Accreditation

As you may know, Salem State has made the commitment to pursue AACSB International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International) accreditation for the Bertolon School of Business. AACSB is by far the most prestigious specialty business accreditation and they aim to accredit only the top 10 percent of business schools worldwide. The process is long and complex.

Since the decision to pursue business accreditation was made in late 2005, we have come a long way on the difficult road to success. We had our first annual report on our accreditation plan accepted by AACSB and remain on schedule. If we complete the implementation of this plan and AACSB accredits us, it will be a very important milestone for the Bertolon School of Business.

Peer Mentoring

Due to its overwhelming success, program organizer Professor David Goodof is pleased to announce the peer mentoring program is being renewed for the 2009-2010 academic year. The Bertolon School of Business instituted a pilot of this program in October 2008. In connection with the Foundations of Excellence in the First College Year, the premise of the program is to supplement the advising given to students by their faculty advisors and to improve student success. [Read More]

Networking in a Down Economy

We’re all familiar with the concept of networking, but now with the downturn in the economy, it is more important than ever to use every opportunity for self promotion. Always be ready to deliver your elevator speech, a short and sweet pitch about you and your accomplishments, because you never know when you might meet someone who can help you in your career. 
 If you’re employed, it’s crucial to:

  • Keep in contact with your customers/clients to make sure they are satisfied
  • Look for opportunities to upsell
  • Ask for referrals

[Read More]

Mellinda Abbott

Mellinda Abbott, one of the newest faculty members teaching financial and managerial accounting

Mellinda Abbott, one of the newest faculty members teaching financial and managerial accounting courses in the Bertolon School of Business, has taken a unique route into academia. After spending time working in the field of accounting, she participated in the Bridge program. Sponsored by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business and endorsed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Bridge program’s mission is to prepare business executives to share their expertise in the field of accounting with undergraduate students. After completing the program last year, she taught at Bentley University and here at Salem State University. [Read More]

Jakari Griffith

New full-time instructor in the Bertolon School of Business is participating in the Faculty-in-Residence program

You are just as likely to find Jakari Griffith in the residence hall as in the classroom teaching his introduction to business and leadership in management classes. This new full-time instructor in the Bertolon School of Business is participating in the Faculty-in-Residence program. In addition to mentoring students in the residence halls, he will be conducting fireside chats on timely topics such as ethics and health care.     

Drawn to Salem State because of the student-centered mission and objective of developing student academic potential, Mr. Griffith says this parallels his own personal mission of seeing people rise to their best self. Griffith has a message to share that will resonate with students. Like many students here, he learned to juggle school, work and family while seeking his degree. [Read More]

Jermey Jones

Jeremy Jones drawn to Salem State

When Jeremy Jones is asked what draws him to Salem State, he is quick to respond, “the interaction with students.”  He sees that students here are enthusiastic, want to be here and bring real experience into the classroom. “Students at Salem State don’t just get by: they are motivated to succeed. They have other responsibilities, but manage to make time to excel at school as well.”  A Salem resident, Mr. Jones enjoys being part of the Salem State community and likes seeing his students in action when he bumps into them off-campus at their place of employment. [Read More]

Guorong Zhu

New full-time professor in the Bertolon School of Business

Guorong Zhu, a new full-time professor in the Bertolon School of Business, has a mission: to work with the younger generation to prepare them for the increasingly globalized and diversified work force. She finds teaching fun and is up for the challenge of preparing students to deal effectively with these issues before they start to climb the corporate ladder. Dr. Zhu finds the students here are practical and eager to learn. Most students are employed and because of this, they can relate what they’re learning to real life issues and ask pragmatic questions. 

Dr. Zhu wants to play a role in their life by having a positive impact on their career. She will be teaching Introduction to Business and Management of Diversity in Organizations, a topic of personal interest because it’s such a crucial part of the workplace and important to prepare students for the increasingly diverse workplace.  [Read More]

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