Current Research

Sea Level Monitoring

The geological sciences department was awarded a 28 year permit to monitor sea level changes in Salem Harbor in collaboration with the National Park Service. The sea level monitoring team consists of students from the department and is lead by Dr. Doug Allen in collaboration with Dr. Brad Hubeny and Dr. Peter Sablock.

Dr. Brad Hubeny - Awarded Grant 

The geological sciences department (P.I. Brad Hubeny) was awarded a $22,992 grant to explore the nature and causes of reduced water clarity in the Salem Harbor. See the Salem News for details

In January 2012 the Viking Environmental Stable Isotope Lab (VESIL) in geological sciences was established with funding through the National Science Foundation’s Major Research Instrumentation program (Hubeny Grant EAR-1126128). VESIL is equipped to quantify carbon, nitrogen and sulfur stable isotopic ratios as well as carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, hydrogen, and oxygen concentrations with the new elemental analyzer/ stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer (EA/IRMS). This facility is run as a cost-center, and outside users are welcome to contact Brad Hubeny for details.

Department of Marine Fisheries

The department was awarded a collaborative one-year grant with the biology department from the MA Department of Marine Fisheries to restock and monitor soft shell clams in Boston Harbor. Prof. Brad Hubeny and SSU geology students Emily Crescenzi and Ellen Kristianson are analyzing sediments from the flats in order to determine what characteristics of the sediments affect clam survival and growth.

Sluice Pond Study

The department was awarded a grant from the SSU School of Graduate Studies to obtain radiocarbon dates from a Sluice Pond (Lynn) sediment core. This grant supports current environmental research on the lake by Prof. Brad Hubeny and SSU geology students Emily Crescenzi and John Lewis.