The United States, like all countries, has laws and regulations that govern the legal status of international visitors. As a non-immigrant, it is your responsibility to comply with these laws. Following the events of 9/11 and the subsequent passage of new immigration laws, the penalties for violating immigration regulations and not maintaining one's legal status have increased dramatically. 

Among the requirements to maintain legal student status are:

  • You must be registered each semester as a full-time student. 
  • You must extend your status before the expiration date on your Form I-20. 
  • You must complete our transfer and extension of stay procedures. 
  • You must not work without legal permission. 
  • You must keep your passport valid.

Information is available at the Center for International Education about:

  • Travel within the United States and to other countries 
  • Changing your status from one category to another
  • Requirements for maintaining legal status 
  • Permission to work 
  • Many other issues


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