Apply for Study Abroad


I know I want to study abroad, where do I start? 

  1. Come visit the study abroad office and speak with an advisor to explore your options. The study abroad office is located within the Center for International Education (CIE) at Sullivan Building 114, Salem State University, 352 Lafayette Street, Salem, Massachusetts.
  2. Research the programs you discussed during your meeting with the study abroad staff.
  3. Return to the study abroad office with your completed study abroad application form [PDF]and medical questionnaire (found in the application package). After selecting a program, you will be ready to begin the financial aid application process. The study abroad staff will help you to complete a budget to estimate your total expenses, which you will need in order to schedule an appointment with the financial aid office.
  4. Meet with financial aid to discuss program funding.
  5. Return to the study abroad office to begin the program application process.
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