Student Activities

International Festival Month

An annual series of events held every April, International Festival Month includes events such as slide presentations and lectures about various cultures, a forum on international issues and the very popular lnternational Fair, where our international students display the crafts, music and costumes of their country along with samplings of different foods. The month is capped off by Cultural Night featuring costume shows, dancing and local presentations from a variety of on-campus groups and clubs as well as participation from Salem and the neighboring communities.

Teach-In Program

The goal of this program is to foster global awareness in the elementary and high schools in the area. International students studying at Salem State, as well as international faculty, visit local classrooms to present programs about their countries. The programs are flexible, with teachers, staff and Salem State's international students planning sessions that are appropriate to the ages and interests of the classes. International students and faculty--and the children they present to--gain international perspectives on the world through this program.


The International Student Association organizes trips within the United States during holidays and breaks. These events are open to all who are interested.

International Dinners

These social events allow faculty, staff and students to share ideas, experiences and good food from all over the world. International dinners are open to the Salem State community, and help international students expand their social networks across campus.

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