Intensive English Language Program Courses

We offer a variety of courses to fit your schedule, interest and level of English. Our focus is helping you reach your academic and professional goals. 

Program Schedule

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday
Morning  Integrated Skills Reading and Writing Integrated Skills Reading and Writing Integrated Skills
Afternoon Electives Electives Electives Electives Electives
Evening Electives Electives Electives Electives  

Electives meet three or six hours per week and include: Communications Skills, English thru Music, Reading Power, Business English, Discover Salem, English through Film, Service Learning, TOEFL Preparation (iBT, PBT), and US Higher Education.

Integrated Skills (levels 1-6) meets nine hours per week. 
Reading and Writing (levels 1-6) meets six hours per week.

Intensive English Program

We offer intensive programs each fall, spring and summer. These programs help students of all levels develop the vocabulary, fluency, and confidence to communicate effectively in English. Courses offer opportunities to improve both spoken and written English, and learn about US culture. 

The combination of morning core classes and afternoon elective classes give students chances to both strengthen their academic English and practice communicating outside classroom.
Every week you will use your English to:
  • Participate in discussions
  • Read, discuss and, write about current topics
  • Work with classmates on group projects
  • Learn about U.S. culture
  • Prepare oral presentations on topics of interest
ESL courses offered at Salem State University are not intended for beginners. Elementary level students must be able to speak, understand, write, and read simple English sentences before joining ESL program.

Attendance Policy for ESL the Program

It is extremely important for a non-immigrant student to maintain his or her status while in the United States. Failure to maintain the terms and conditions of non-immigrant status is grounds for removal from the United States (deportation) under INA § 237(a) (1) (C) (i). 

At a language school designated as "an institution which provides language training, instruction in the liberal arts or fine arts, instruction in the professions, or instruction or training in more than one of these disciplines" under 8 C.F.R. § 214.3(a)(2)(i)(G), "at least eighteen clock hours of attendance a week" are required to constitute a full course of study "if the dominant part of the course of study consists of classroom instruction," and "at least twenty-two clock hours a week if the dominant part of the course of study consists of laboratory work." Note that this provision refers to clock hours of "attendance."

Students attending the ESL Program at Salem State University are required to attend a minimum of 18 clock hours a week for the entire duration of the program as indicated on the I-20 or DS 2019.

Attendance is monitored daily. Instructors record class attendance during each class. Each week a report will be sent to the International Student Advisor for review of the attendance for absences and tardiness. Two (2) tardies equal one (1) absence. Circumstances for which extended absences are excused are listed below:

1. Personal illness, which must be excused by a note from a medical doctor

2. Attendance at the funeral of an immediate family member

If attendance falls below 80% in any course, it will start the referral process.

If the attendance falls below 90%, the student will:
1. Meet with the teacher
2. Meet with the Assistant Director of ESL Program or his/her representative at 80% of attendance
3. If attendance continues to be below 80%, the student will meet with the 

International Student Advisor and may result in dismissal from the program/termination of status
Once a student is dismissed from the program, s/he will no longer be in F-1 status. 

Students should review the syllabus for each course registered for to be familiar with the attendance policy and its impact on grades. Both attendance and academic progress are important to maintain the F-1 status.
If you have any questions regarding your F-1 status, please contact The Center for International Education.

Groups which are interested in coming to the US for a short-term program can contact us to request special intensive courses to meet their needs and interests. 

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