English as a Second Language Courses

With integrated skills and reading and writing in the morning and in the afternoon, and specialized courses throughout the day, the ESL program makes it possible for students to register courses which fit their schedules, interests and levels of English. Before registering for classes, or if you have any questions about these new courses, please email or call 978.542.6351.

For a complete list of classes offered this fall, please click below:

Spring 2015 Courses [PDF]


ESL Class Description:

Integrated Skills (Levels 1-6)* 

Practice all skill areas. Emphasis is placed on grammar, listening and speaking other strategies for academic study, professional and everyday contexts. Activities include discussions and oral presentations.

Reading and Writing (Levels 1-6)* 

Develop reading and writing. Emphasis is placed on reading strategies including comprehension and response; writing strategies include brainstorming, revising and editing. Activities include reading short stories, articles and novels, and writing essays and journals.

*A placement test will be used to assign students to the appropriate levels. For beginner and lower-intermediate students.

Communication Skills: 

Language for daily life. For high-intermediate and advanced level students

Business English: 

Practice using the language of business. Activities include reading, discussion and writing.

English through Film: 

Explore American culture and experience through film. Activities include reading and discussion while studying vocabulary and idioms in context.

Global Issues: 

Exploration of current events. Activities include reading and discussion.

Service Learning: 

Practice listening and speaking with native-speakers of English. Activities include small group conversations, presentations, discussion and written reflection.

U.S. Culture: 

Explore U.S. culture through multiple sources; this course provides opportunities to practice all language skills and develop vocabulary, reading diverse texts, engaging in discussions and giving oral presentations

TOEFL Preparation (PBT and iBT) for the Test of English as a Foreign Language: 

Emphasis is placed on reading, listening and grammar strategies. Activities include exercises and practice exams. PBT= paper-based TOEFL, iBT= internet-based TOEFL.

Power Reading:

Improve reading speed and comprehension through guided practice with different kinds of texts.
For students of all levels.

Discover Salem: 

Practice your English skills and discover Salem's stories. Learn about witches, museums, secrets, history, famous people, and the sea. We visit a variety of places every week. Develop your vocabulary and listening skills through tours, field trips and discussions.

Discover the North Shore:

Practice your English skills and discover the interesting places near Salem. Let's visit and learn about places like Marblehead, Danvers, Topsfield and Gloucester. Develop your vocabulary and listening skills through tours, field trips and discussions.

Listening Lab: 

Practice listening skills through independent computer-based activities.

Current Events:

Learn about and discuss what is happening in the news. We will talk about, read about and try to understand all kinds of news from the United States and all over the world.

Academic Reading and Writing for the University:

Reading, responding to and writing academic texts written in English. Topics include: evaluating and responding to a range of authentic texts on multiple levels, working with a range of grammatical structures and new vocabulary, arguing a point of view, conventions of quotation, citation and paraphrasing.

Academic Skills for the University:

Skills for speaking and presenting research in academic settings. Topics include: faculty expectation, class discussion, group assignments, giving and receiving feedback, creating and delivering compelling professional presentations.

Advanced Reading and Writing:

Skills and strategies for reading and writing in English. Topics include: reading comprehension, oral and written response, summary writing, citations and elements of the writing process such as brainstorming, revising and editing.

US Higher Education:

Introduction to undergraduate education in the United States. Topics include: research on undergraduate programs and current trends, class observations, interviews with faculty members, current undergraduate students, and professionals in the students' fields.

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