Online Student Resources

There is a lot of guidance, practice, and support on the Internet for students preparing to take an online course. Take advantage of the following to help you succeed in your class.

Online Learning Overview

For a remarkably thorough tutorial on all aspects of participating in an online course, visit Portland Community College's Online Learning Orientation

Keyboarding Skills

Powertyping offers both typing tutorials and games to improve speed.
Typeonline offers sequenced typing lessons with frequent feedback.
Nimble Fingers is a tutorial with many opportunities for practice and review.
If you'd rather pick your own form of typing practice from an extensive list, visit All Touch Typing Tutors.

Using the Internet

If you are new to using the Internet or just need a refresher, visit WebWise an easy-to-use, friendly, and extensive tutorial. For something a bit more advanced, give Webteacher a try.  If you'd like a review of using the Internet for research and academic purposes visit the University of California at Berkley's Finding information on the Internet site.

Introduction to Canvas

All of Salem State's online courses will be using Canvas. Visit Salem State's eLearning page.