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Below is a list of Salem State Online’s undergraduate and graduate courses. Please locate the course or courses you wish to take and make note of the class number, catalog number, and section number.  You can register for Salem State Online courses using the Navigator student portal.

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Fall 2016 Online Courses

Course Title Req. Cr.
BIO 208 Environmental Problems: An Ecological Approach DII 3.0
BUS 252 Business Law I   3.0
COM 206 Mass Media and Society V 3.0
COM 316 Communications in the Global Village V 3.0
CRJ 240 Bias Crime V 3.0
CRJ 360 Racial Minorities, Crime, and Criminal Justice V 3.0
CRJ 410 Comparative Criminal Justice   3.0
EDU 404 Orientation to Learning Disabilities with Field Experience   3.0
ENL 110 Foundations of Writing   3.0
ENL 160 Literature I: Reading Broadly DI 3.0
ENL 272 Literature and Film I DI 3.0
ENL 330 Short Story DI 3.0
FSC 300 Fire Science Administration   3.0
FSC 360 Fire Service Law   3.0
FSC 520 Internship in Fire Science   3.0
ITC 100 Computers and Their Uses DII 3.0
ITC 117 Computing for the Professions   3.0
MGT 231 Management Theory and Practice   3.0
MGT 330 Human Resource Management   3.0
MGT 332 Organizational Behavior   3.0
MGT 403 Leadership in Management   3.0
MGT 442 Labor/Management Relations   3.0
NUR 360A Explorations of the Professional Nursing Role   3.0
NUR 361A Health Assessment Across the Life Span   4.0
NUR 439 Health Care Issues, Policy, and Economics   3.0
OCT 406 Conditions and Pathologies   2.0
PHL 218 Medical Ethics DI 3.0
PSY 211 Introduction to Cognitive Psychology DIII 3.0
PSY 330 Psychology and the Law DIII 3.0
PSY 334 Psychopharmacology DIII 3.0
SMS 194 Health and Wellness   3.0
SOC 220 Introduction to the Sociology of Children DIII 3.0
SOC 403 Research Methods in the Social Sciences W 3.0
SPC 101O Oral Communication in Multimedia Environments   3.0

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