Salem State Online Credit Course Schedule

Below is a searchable list of Salem State Online undergraduate Continuing Education and Graduate credit courses. Please locate the course or courses you wish to take and make note of the class number, catalog number, and section number. Once you have found all of your courses, you can follow the How to Register link for instructions on how to enroll. You should also make sure you follow the rest of the "Quick Start" steps outlined on the Salem State Online homepage.

Winter/Spring 2014 Online Courses

Course Title Req. Cr.
COM 206 Mass Media and Society V 3.0
COM 503 Communications Portfolio Seminar   3.0
CRJ 200 Corrections   3.0
CRJ 202 Rehabilitation/Habilitation of Ex-Offender   3.0
CRJ 520 Internship in Criminal Justice   3.0
ECO 201 Principles of Macroeconomics DIII/Q 3.0
ECO 202 Principles of Microeconomics DIII/Q 3.0
EDU 208A Teaching, Learning and Assessment   3.0
ENL 101 Composition I   3.0
ENL 102 Composition II   3.0
ENL 241 British Literary Studies II DI 3.0
ENL 260 World Literature I DI 3.0
ENL 261 World Literature II DI 3.0
FSC 350 Advanced Arson Detection and Prevention   3.0
FSC 370 Managing Community Based Fire Prevention Programs   3.0
FSC 380 Managing the Emergency Scene: Principles and Practices   3.0
GPH 100P Weather and Climate DII/Q 4.0
GPH 110 World Regions DIII/V 3.0
HST 101 World History I DIII/V 3.0
HST 102 World History II DIII/V 3.0
HST 204 U.s. History and Constitutional Government I DIII 3.0
IDS 250 Humanities in Cultural Settings DI/V 3.0
ITC 100 Computers and Their Uses DII 3.0
ITC 117 Computers in the Professions   3.0
MGT 231 Management Theory and Practice   3.0
MKT 241N Principles of Marketing   3.0
PHL 203 Business Ethics DI 3.0
PHL 209 Social Ethics DI 3.0
PHL 218 Medical Ethics DI 3.0
POL 201 Introduction to American Politics DIII 3.0
PSY 212 Introduction to Biological Psychology DIII 3.0
PSY 322 Adulthood and Old Age DIII 3.0
SMS 194 Health and Wellness   3.0
SOC 201 Introduction to Sociology DIII/V 3.0
SOC 317 Gender and Society DIII 3.0
SOC 320 Violence and Children DIII 3.0
SPC 101O Public Speaking for Multimedia Environments   3.0
SWK 270 Understanding Diversity and Culture Competence in Human Service V 3.0

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