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Below is a list of Salem State Online’s undergraduate and graduate courses. Please locate the course or courses you wish to take and make note of the class number, catalog number, and section number.  You can register for Salem State Online courses using the Navigator student portal.

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Winter/Spring 2016 Online Courses

Course Title Req. Cr.
COM 206 Mass Media and Society V 3.0
COM 316 Communications in the Global Village V 3.0
EDU 404 Orientation to Learning Disabilities with Field Experience   3.0
ENL 161 Literature II: Reading Closely DI 3.0
ENL 162 Foundations of World Literature DI 3.0
ENL 251 American Literary Studies II DI 3.0
FIN 323A Financial Institutions Management   3.0
FSC 350 Advanced Arson Detection and Prevention   3.0
FSC 370 Managing Community Based Fire Prevention Programs   3.0
FSC 380 Managing the Emergency Scene: Principles and Practices   3.0
GPH 105 Introduction to Geography DIII 3.0
ITC 100 Computers and Their Uses DII 3.0
ITC 117 Computers in the Professions   3.0
MGT 231 Management Theory and Practice   3.0
MGT 349 Management of Diversity in Organizations V 3.0
MKT 241N Principles of Marketing   3.0
MKT 342 Consumer Behavior   3.0
NUR 439 Health Care Issues, Policy, and Economics   3.0
PHL 125 Critical Reasoning DI 3.0
PHL 218 Medical Ethics DI 3.0
PSY 101 General Psychology DIII 3.0
PSY 216 Introduction to Social Psychology DIII 3.0
PSY 322 Adulthood and Old Age DIII 3.0
PSY 323 Attention and Memory DIII 3.0
PSY 325 Theories of Motivation   3.0
PSY 330 Psychology and the Law DIII 3.0
SMS 194 Health and Wellness   3.0
SOC 217 Gender and Society DIII 3.0
SOC 313 Sociology of Aging DIII 3.0
SPC 101O Oral Communication in Multimedia Environments   3.0
SWK 455A Services and Treatment for Substance Abuse   3.0

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