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Advisor Assignments

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Your student status - day or evening determines how and when you will be advised. Every day student will be assigned by their major chairperson an academic advisor from their discipline of study.  Most evening students are assigned to the Academic Advising Center for academic advice. Exceptions are evening Nursing and Occupational Therapy majors who are assigned to a specific faculty from their discipline. It is important that day students meet with their advisor every semester to discuss academic plans and program requirements.  Evening students should meet with their advisor after completing about 15 credits. If you have any questions after reviewing the descriptions below, please contact the Center for Academic Advising.

Day Student vs. Evening Student, What is the Difference?

A Day student is a part- or full-time student who takes classes exclusively during the day, and carries up to 18 credits. Day students can take classes in the evening to contribute to their total number of credits, but if a day student decides to take classes in the evening only, then it is necessary to do an internal transfer from day to evening Before registering for an evening course, Day students should consult with their faculty advisor. The tuition structure of the Evening Division is separate from that of the Day College. Day College students are required to pay the same tuition as other Evening Division students. See the College Catalog for specifics.

Day students must register for day classes each semester or run the risk of becoming administratively withdrawn. Day students complete their degree in 4-6 years, depending on part-time or full-time status, and if they have changed their major a number of times to alter the requirements significantly.

An Evening student takes classes exclusively in the evening (after 4:30 p.m.) and does not have to register for classes every semester. Evening students sometimes progress at a rate of 1-3 courses per semester, especially if they are working full-time during the day and/or have other responsibilities, i.e., raising children.