Peer Mentoring


The international peer mentor program is designed to assist international students in adapting to a new environment and different academic system. The program is intended to bring American and international students closer together in order to increase cross-cultural experiences. The program is an integral part of welcoming first-year international students to the Salem State University campus. Our peer mentors are a mix of current international and domestic students who volunteer to help new students settle in and adjust to life at Salem State University.


Peer mentors are current undergraduate, graduate and alumni at Salem State who act as a resource and ambassador to incoming international students. Peer mentors offer advice and insights about academic, social and cultural life at Salem State to help new students and ease the transition into the Salem community. Peer mentors are educated about learning styles, group dynamics and team management. Peer mentors volunteer to meet with their assigned international students once per week for social and conversational purposes in an informal setting. Peer mentors also serve as a direct contact for two to three international students. They participate in activities such as eating meals with students, shopping, campus tours, and more. Peer mentors are leaders in an intercultural context and support new international students with their knowledge and expertise.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor for the next semester, please fill out the application and return it to the Center for International Education office.

Peer Mentor Application

Peer Mentee Application

Peer Mentor Program Brochure

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