IRB Online Application and Information

All empirical research involving human beings conducted at Salem State University or by Salem State University faculty, administrators, staff, students, or others under the sponsorship of Salem State, must be submitted to the university IRB for review. Applications must be submitted before (at least two weeks) the start of the research.

The IRB application and accomanying information can be found below. Visit the forms page for the extension/modification form and sample consent forms and disclosure statements.

IRB Online Application and Information:

  • Faculty Sponsored Student Applications - Apply Online via Navigator
    • Login in to Navigator; Select 'Learning and Development' and click on IRB Application
    • Select 'Start a New Application'
  • Faculty, Staff and Administrators - Apply Online via Polaris
    • Application can found in Polaris under 'Browse'
  • Researchers not affiliated with Salem State University, please email the IRB administrator  to submit an IRB protocol for review

Information Required for Submission

  • You will be asked a series of questions about your research including specific project information, participant vulnerability, project abstract, data collection methods and instruments, and how confidentiality and/or anonymity will be ensured
    • Download the IRB application prep form [PDF] for a complete list of questions and required materials
    • Applicants will be asked to upload a copy of their consent or disclosure form(s), agreements with collaborating organizations or institutions (on official letterhead), data collection instruments, and participant recruitment materials

Application Information

  • Applications may be started and completed at a later date--your information will be saved
  • Faculty sponsored applications must be electronically reviewed and signed off by the faculty member in Polaris
    • Important information for Faculty:
      • Applications with faculty as Principal Investigator are entered through Polaris under 'Browse'
      • Applications with faculty as faculty sponsor for students are reviewed and signed electronically through Polaris under 'Launchpad'
  • Once an application receives faculty review and electronic signature (if necessary), the IRB administrator will receive notification to review the application
  • Applications are normally reviewed within two weeks of submission
    • If there are missing materials or updates required, the IRB administrator will communicate with the applicant and faculty sponsor via their Salem State email
      • the applicant will have the opportunity to log back into their application and make any necessary changes or updates
  • Approvals are sent electronically via Salem State email

Timetable for Review

  • Applications are not reviewed until all materials are received
  • Complete applications are reviewed as they are received
  • Exempt and expedited applications are normally reviewed within two weeks of submission by the designated reviewer
  • Applications which require full committee review are reviewed at monthly IRB meeting during the academic year and as needed during the summer months
  • Committee members and meeting schedules are available on our website
  • Notifications by the IRB, including approvals, are done electronically by email
  • No research, including data collection, may begin until the principal investigator receives IRB approval

Categories of Review

  • Exempt: Certain projects, such as those that involve only survey, questionnaire, or interview procedures, and anonymous participation, may be categorized as no or minimal risk and may be exempt from the federal policy for the Protection of Human Subjects. Exemption is determined by the IRB, not the principal investigator. No research with vulnerable populations, including participants under age 18, may be exempt.
    • Vulnerable populations include children/minors under the age of 18, prisoners confined in a correctional or detention facility, pregnant women in which pregnancy is a condition of participation in proposed research, cognitively or mentally disabled individuals who are presumed not legally competent, economically or educationally disadvantaged individuals, and/or others vulnerable to coercion or undue influence.
  • Expedited Review: Applications that involve no more than minimal risk to human subjects may be eligible for expedited review
  • Full Committee Review: Applications that involve more than minimal risk to participants require full committee review
    • Minimal Risk implies that the risk of harm anticipated in the proposed research is not greater than that which is normally found in daily life
    • More than minimal risk implies that the risk of harm anticipated from the proposed research is greater than that which is normally found in daily life
    • Research which involves more than minimal risk requires a signed informed consent from participants. More information on informed consent can be found in the FAQs

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