IRB Online Application and Information

All empirical research involving human beings conducted at Salem State University or by Salem State University faculty, administrators, staff, students, or others under the sponsorship of Salem State, must be submitted to the university's Institutional Review Board (IRB) for review. Applications must be submitted at least two weeks before the start of the research.

The IRB application and accompanying information can be found below.

IRB Online Application and Information

Students with faculty sponsor - Apply Online via Navigator
Login in to Navigator; Select 'Learning and Development' and click on IRB Application and select Start a New Application

Faculty, staff and administrators - Apply Online via Polaris
Application can found in Polaris under Browse

Researchers not affiliated with Salem State University - email the IRB administrator to submit an IRB protocol for review

Information Required for Submission

  1. Summary of goals, purpose and methodology of your research and hypothesis to be tested
  2. Disclosure statement and/or consent forms (consent, parental consent, assent)
  3. Statement of procedures for participants (i.e. what participants will be asked to do)
  4. Information on research participants including how participants are chosen and criteria for inclusion or exclusion
  5. Information on how research will ensure confidentiality and/or anonymity of participants and their data
  6. Nature and amount of potential risk involved in participation, and how that risk will be minimized
  7. Potential benefit of research and/or society of the proposed research, and how it outweighs the risks (Download the IRB application prep form [PDF] for a complete list of questions and required materials)
  8. Data collection instruments such as surveys, interview protocols and recruitment flyers
  9. Agreement letter(s) from collaborating organizations (Must be signed, on letterhead and include statement of agreement specific to research proposed)
  10. Visit the forms page for the extension/modification form and sample consent forms and disclosure statements.

Applications are normally reviewed within two weeks of submission. Approvals and requests for revision are sent electronically via Salem State email.

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