Emerging Scholars

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The emerging scholars program is a new initiative at Salem State University designed to bring together, support and motivate rising potential first year students. Participants are selected to participate after a review of admissions materials and have opportunities to sign up for one on one meetings with full-time student success coaches, participate in group meetings, attend programs and events related to achieving success in the classroom, and make new friends in a fun environment. In addition to their success coach, students also have an opportunity to work with and learn from a group of peer mentors. The emerging scholars program is a tremendous opportunity to begin the first year on a positive note. 

Emerging scholars goals:

  • Provide an opportunity for students to intentionally influence their academic success
  • Develop a sense of community for student participants
  • Impart critical knowledge and skills to students for use in the classroom setting
  • Increase the motivation and self-confidence regarding academic success
  • Help students become better integrated with the community, learning the values of engagement and personal accountability
  • Encourage students to explore campus activities and programming

Students who meet the requirements for the Emerging Scholars Program will be eligible for induction into the Alpha Omega Psi society. Only those students invited to join the Emerging Scholars Program are eligible for induction. A review of the requirements will be discussed during the program's Welcome Event in early September.

For more information on the program, please contact emergingscholars@salemstate.edu

Emerging Scholars Brochure [PDF]


A brochure and letter will be mailed to selected students in early August. The student success coaches will follow-up by calling and emailing students in late August.