Program of Study


Honors Program Course Offerings

Courses in the Honors Program differ in design and content from traditional classes. Honors classes are smaller, allowing greater individual interaction with faculty members, and the seminar format is favored, giving students the opportunity to learn from one another. Field trips and sessions with outside speakers contribute to a particularly enriched academic experience.  Honors Flowsheet 


ENL 106H    Honors English      Freshman year 
HIS 110H    Honors History I Freshman year
HST 111H     Honors History II   Freshman year
SPC 102H  Honors Speech      Freshman or sophomore year
ENG 284H Literature I: Honors  Sophomore year
ENG 285H    Literature II: Honors  Sophomore year
IDS 600H     Honors Seminar I   Spring of Junior year
IDS 601H Honors Seminar II   Fall of Senior Year
  Senior Honors Project  Senior Year



Honors Electives:

(At least two need to be completed)


BIO115H   Honors Biology-Organisms (w/ laboratory) 
BIO116H   Honors Biology-Cells (w/ laboratory)
BUS 170H    Honors Introduction to Business
ENG600H   English Seminar (Various topics)
GLS170H Honors Physical Geology I
GLS171H  Honors Historical Geology II
NUR601H  Honors Nursing Research I
NUR602H Honors Nursing Research II
PHL350H Topics in Ethics: Honors
PHL600H Honors Seminar in Philosophy
POL110H  Honors Seminar: Topics in Political Science
PSY320H   Foundations of Psychology: Honors
SOC202H   Introduction to Sociology: Honors
   Directed Study Course for Senior Honors Project

Honors Program Course Load
Honors students typically take a partial load of honors-level courses in a given semester. Because many honors classes take the place of the college-wide required courses, our first-year and second-year students tend to enroll in more honors-level courses than they will in later semesters, when they concentrate on courses within their majors.

Senior Honors Projects

The goal of the Senior Honors Project is to allow a student to study in depth, under the aegis of a faculty mentor, a topic about which he or she is passionate. The projects take on many forms depending on the students' fields of study and interests. Art, theater and music students, for example, may take on a project that finishes with a campus presentation or exhibit. Generally speaking, projects entail extensive background research and the creation of an original piece of work which may be a scholarly analysis, an experimental report, an exhibit of original artwork, or the completion of a student-initiated service project. Each Senior Honors Project is documented in a bound thesis that becomes part of the library's permanent collection.