Program of Study

Honors Program of Study Picture

Honors Program Course Offerings

Courses in the Honors Program differ in design and content from traditional classes. Honors classes are smaller, allowing greater individual interaction with faculty members, and the seminar format is favored, giving students the opportunity to learn from one another. Field trips and sessions with outside speakers contribute to a particularly enriched academic experience.  Honors flowsheet 

 BIO 115H   Honors Biology I Cells
 BIO 116H  Honors Biology II Organisms
 BUS 170H  Introduction to Business: Honors
 ENL 110H  Freshmen Honors Writing
 ENL 264H  Studies in Literature I
 ENL 265H  Studies in Literature II
 GLS 170H  Honors Dynamic Earth
 GLS 171H  Honors Historical Geology
 GPH 105H  Foundations of Global Studies
 HST 109H  Honors World History
 IDS 600H  Honors Seminar I
 IDS 601H  Honors Seminar II
 IDS 603H  Honors Independent Study
 MUS 113H  Honors Intro to World Music
 NUR 601H  Nursing Research I
 PHL 350H  Topics in Ethics
 PHL 600H  Honors Philosophy Seminar
 POL 110H  Honors Understanding the Political World
 PSY 170H  Honors: Foundations of Psychology
 SOC 202H  Honors Sociology
 SPC 102H  Public Speaking Honors
 WLC 390H  Seminar in World Cultures

Honors Program Course Load

Honors students typically take a partial load of honors-level courses in a given semester. Because many honors classes take the place of the college-wide required courses, our first-year and second-year students tend to enroll in more honors-level courses than they will in later semesters, when they concentrate on courses within their majors.

How to Stay in the Program

To be considered an honors student, one must maintain a 3.2+ GPA each semester, as well as complete the required program courses and take (at least) one honors elective each semester until honors program elective requirements have been met. Students who do not achieve as such may be dismissed from the program.

Senior Honors Projects

The goal of the senior honors project is to allow a student to study in depth, under the aegis of a faculty mentor, a topic about which he or she is passionate. The projects take on many forms depending on the students' fields of study and interests. Art, theater and music students, for example, may take on a project that finishes with a campus presentation or exhibit. Generally speaking, projects entail extensive background research and the creation of an original piece of work which may be a scholarly analysis, an experimental report, an exhibit of original artwork, or the completion of a student-initiated service project. Each Senior Honors Project is documented in a bound thesis that becomes part of the library's permanent collection.

The senior honors projects from 2014 can be viewed on our digital commons website. Prior to 2013, all theses are archived in the Frederick E. Berry Library and Learning Commons.