Study Abroad-Student Testimonials

“My housemate and two other friends and I all spent our spring break in the UK. We visited Wales, England, and Scotland. It was spectacular. Then, towards the end of the semester a friend and I decided we wanted to go to the beach, so we went to Spain for a weekend and literally sat on the beach and got tans. Traveling is so easy once you’re in the European Union; security is very nice and gracious.”

Rachel Emelock
Limerick - Ireland, Spring 2008

"The six months I spent in London, were undoubtedly the best six months of my life. The life lessons I learned not only helped me figure out who I was, but let me into the little secret that the world is so much bigger then we let on. Immersing myself into the English culture not only helped me create friendships that will last a life time, but it gave me a new outlook on the way the world works. I have been back twice since my journey ended, and I can't wait to set sail again. The Study Abroad program is something I will ALWAYS rave about...I don't think I can ever forget the amazing memories I created."

Mike Nuttall
England, Spring 2008

“Through my classes I was exposed to ideas I didn’t previously even know existed… Studying abroad has been, by far, the most enriching time in my undergraduate career”

Patrick McDemott
Mexico, Spring 2007

“If I could describe Oviedo in one word it would be AMAZING! I am so happy that I did the summer program in Oviedo. It was a life changing experience for me. I felt a hundred times more confident in speaking Spanish to native speakers of the program, due to my improved pronounciation and ability to respond effortlessly. Learning in Oviedo was not only educational, but also very enjoyable.”

Janel Thomas
Oviedo, Spain, Summer 2007