2008-2009 Strategic Planning Council

Alfredo Araujo, Student              
John Barnhill, Assistant Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Co-Chair 
Lee Brossoit,  Assistant Dean of Student Life
Nate Bryant,  Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management, Co-Vice Chair
Susan Cirillo, Dean of Library, Instructional, and Learning Support
Jeanne Sheehan Corcoran, Chairperson, Occupational Therapy
Chris Corrente, Student  
Lisa Delissio, Associate Professor, Biology
K. Brewer Doran,  Dean,  Bertolon School of Business
Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello, Assistant Professor,  Interdisciplinary Studies
Mary Dunn, Director of Transfer Admissions and Articulation
Christopher Fauske, Interim Dean of School of Arts & Sciences
Deborah Germano, Administrative Assistant, Chemistry & Physics
Marc Glasser, Dean of Graduate School
Amie Goodwin,  Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Co-Vice Chair
Arlene Greenstein  Dean,  Continuing Education, Co-Chair
Steve Jervey Director, Financial Services
Elizabeth T. Kenney, Assistant Dean, Graduate School
 Stephen Keyes, Director,  Finance & Facilities
 Stuart McMahon, Associate Professor, Sport & Movement Science
 Karen Sayles Director, Institutional Research & Assessment
 Peter Smolianov  Assistant Professor, Sport & Movement Science
 Margo W. R. Steiner,  Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications
 James Stoll,  Associate Vice President and Dean of Students
 Christine Sullivan,  Director of Career Services
 William Towne, Part-Time Faculty, School of Education
 Janet Youkeles, Instructor, Art

Archived Meeting Minutes - Academic Year 2008-2009
12/11/08 Meeting Minutes