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Due to the winter storm, all day classes are canceled today. A decision about evening classes, which begin at 4:30 pm, will be made after 1 pm.

February 8, 2016

2007-2008 Strategic Planning Council

Kenneth Ardon, Associate Professor, Economics
Margaret Andrews,  Librarian
Alfredo Araujo,   Student             
John Barnhill,  Assistant Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Co-Chair
Pam Bartlett, Admin. Assistant, Office for Students with Disabilities
Lee Brossoit,  Assistant Dean, Student Life
Nate Bryant,   Assistant Dean,  Enrollment Management, Co-Vice Chair
Neal DeChillo, Dean, of Schools of Human Services
Nikki Dingle, Student  
K. Brewer Doran, Dean, Bertolon School of Business
Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello   Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies
Mary Dunn  Director, Transfer Admissions and Articulation
Christopher Fauske,  Interim Dean,  School of Arts & Sciences
Kari George, Assistant Resident Director
Marc Glasser,  Dean of Graduate School
Amie Goodwin,  Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Co-Vice Chair
Arlene Greenstein,  Dean of Continuing Education, Co-Chair
Thomas Healy, Associate Professor, Theatre & Speech Communications
Gary Heisermann, Assistant Professor,  Biology
Christopher Hudson, Professor, Social Work
Steve Jervey,  Director of Financial Services
Elizabeth T. Kenney, Assistant Dean, Graduate School
Stephen Keyes,  Director,  Finance & Facilities
Robert Paterson, Chief Information Officer (former)  
Karen Sayles, Director, Institutional Research & Assessment
Anita Shea,  Dean, School of Arts and Sciences (retired)  
Peter Smolianov, Assistant Professor, Sport & Movement Science
Margo W. R. Steine, Assistant Director, Marketing & Communications
James Stoll, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students

Archived Meeting Minutes - Academic Year 2007-2008
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