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February 5, 2016

2010-2011 Strategic Planning Council

At its opening meeting on September 14, 2010, President Meservey appointed Arlene Greenstein and Amie Goodwin to Co-Chair the 2010-2011 Council.  The President charged the Council with the following:

-To educate the SSU community regarding the Mission, Vision, and Values of the 2009-2012 Strategic Plan.
-To look at the accomplishments as reported in the Strategic Plan Progress Report prepared in the Spring 2010.
-To look at the plan with an eye toward modification consistent with changes in the external environment.

Meeting Schedule

September 14, 2010  (Convening Meeting)
October 18, 2010
November 30, 2010

Meeting Notes - Academic Year 2010-2011
October 18, 2010 (pdf)

Committee Members

Julianna Andrews, Student
Mary-Lou Breitborde, School of Education
Lee Brossoit, Graduate Admissions
Susan Cirillo, Library and Instructional Learning Support
Andrew Darien, History
Brewer Doran, Bertolon School of Business
Thomas Durfee, Student 
Deborah Germano, Biology
Amie Goodwin, Academic Affairs, Co-Chair
Arlene Greenstein, Continuing Education, Co-Chair
Martin Krugman, Psychology
Zachary Newell, Library
Eileen O'Brien, Development and Alumni Affairs
Yvonne Ruiz, Social Work
Karen Sayles, Institutional Research
James Stoll, Student Life
Chris Sullivan, Career Services
Keja Valens, English
Stephenie Young, English
Guorong  Zhu, Management