Student Affairs Committee

Student Affairs Committee

After receiving from the all-university committee any recommendation submitted by any member of the university community, the student affairs committee shall from time to time prepare and transmit to the vice president, student services, reports, and recommendations with respect to the following:


  • needs of the student population to be served;
  • student activities, including, at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Activities of the Regiment of Cadets
  • student participation in the cultural and social activities of the university


The committee shall make studies of the practices, policies and trends related to student life at other institutions of higher education in the Commonwealth and in the nation.

Committee Members for Academic Year 2015-2016

Rozana Carducci, assistant professor, secondary and higher education
Tara Fitzpatrick, associate librarian, library, recorder
Reva Kasman, associate professor, mathematics
Erin Loescher, advertising/marketing specialist, marketing and communications
Samuel Ohannesian, director, enrollment management, chair
William O'Neill, men's hockey coach, athletics and recreation
Roopika Risam, assistant professor, English, vice-chair
Christine Sullivan, director, student advocacy

Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2015 SAC15/16:01
November 2, 2015 SAC15/16:02
December 7, 2015 SAC15/16:03
March 22, 2016 SAC15/16:05
April 19, 2016 SAC15/16:06


To view past years' minutes, go to archived minutes.

All meetings are from 2:30-4 pm.