Accounts Online: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Salem State changing to TouchNet’s e-billing and e-payment system?

A: Through online billing and payment, Salem State hopes to provide more convenient services to students and authorized payers. In today's Internet culture, transactions and communications are performed daily online and via email.

Colleges and universities around the country are now using e-billing as their primary method of billing.

This is one of the many strides that Salem State is making to provide improved service through technology and online resources.

Q: What is e-billing and e-payment?

A: Electronic billing (e-billing) enables Salem State students to view their current and previous billing statements online. All charges to the student's account, including tuition, room, board, health insurance, and other miscellaneous fees will be on the e-bill and will be available for viewing and printing via the Internet. Students and authorized users will also be able to pay their student account bill online (e-payment) by credit card or electronic check (ACH). Salem State’s online billing system is secure, and all payments are processed through the TouchNet payment gateway, which utilizes industry-leading security standards.

Q: Do I need to sign up or register to use e-bill?

A: Students simply log into the TouchNet system through Navigator using their Salem State username and password. Once logged into TouchNet, students can set-up, save their payment profile and provide access to their parents/guardians.

Q: Who can use the e-billing and e-payment system?

A: The e-bill and e-payment service is available to all current Salem State students and their authorized users. Students may elect to give access to their parents, grandparents, guardian, spouse, employer, etc. Authorized users can view statements and/or make payments. All information is kept secure and individual users cannot see or view payment profiles or banking information of other users. Students also have the ability to limit what information their authorized users have access to.

Q:  I am a parent/guardian of a student.  How can I gain access to my student's billing information and/or make a payment?

A:  You will be able to view billing information and/or make a payment once your student grants authorization to you. Please see "How to Add a User" under "Accounts Online" for directions on how your student can add an authorized user.  Once authorized, users will receive two emails with login instructions. Or you may use the following link:  An email will be sent to you indicating whenever a new billing statement is available for review. 

Q: When can I make a payment?

A: The TouchNet e-payment system is available online any time, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Q: Are there exceptions to e-billing? Can I continue to get a paper bill?

A: All currently enrolled students will receive an e-bill. Printed bills can be obtained by accessing your account via Navigator and printing out the e-bill. The e-bill can be accessed and printed at any computer with Internet access and printer capability.

Q: How will I be notified when I have an e-bill?

A: An email will be sent to your Salem State email address, so please check your Salem State email on a regular basis. If you have other authorized users, they will receive an email as well to their individual email address.

Q: What information do I need to provide to pay by electronic check?

A: You will need to know your bank’s routing number and your checking or savings account number.

Q: Must all credit card payments be made online?

A: Yes. However, for your convenience, computers will be set up at different locations on campus to make credit card payments.

Q: Is the 2.75% service fee only charged for credit card payments?

A: Yes. There is no service fee charged for debit card, check or cash payments.

Q: What if I don't feel comfortable paying my bill online. How do I pay my bill?

A: Paying your bill electronically is optional. You also can pay your bill by printing a copy of the e-bill from your account and mailing it with the payment to the address listed below or by delivering your check or cash in person.

Checks should be made payable to Salem State University. Please include your Salem State Student ID number on the check.

Checks may be mailed to:

Salem State University
Attention: Bursar’s Office
352 Lafayette Street
Salem, MA 01970

If you prefer to bring your payment to campus in person, please come to the bursar’s office, located on the second floor of the Administration Building, located on North Campus, Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am–5:30 pm,  and Friday, 9:30 am–5 pm.

Q: Whom do I contact if I have further questions?

A: Please contact the Salem State bursar’s office at 978.542.6039 or email