President's Corner

Watch a video message from Salem State President Patricia Maguire Meservey or read her remarks below.

Hello and welcome to the winter online edition of Salem Statement. I'm Pat Maguire Meservey, president of the college, and I'm delighted to provide you this update. Perhaps you're wondering about the construction that is happening behind me. This is our new Marsh Hall, a residence hall facility that will house 525 students in the fall of 2010. This will bring our residence capacity to 30 percent of our students, towards our [final] goal of 50 percent. Being a residential campus is good for our students and very good for our college.

The importance of being green and demonstrating good stewardship of our resources is something important to all of us on Salem State's campus. Here, on Central Campus, we oversee the Old Creek Salt Marsh. When it opens, Marsh Hall, like Atlantic Hall before it, will be a green building, LEED certified at a silver or better level.

Also on our Central Campus is the building that houses the Bertolon School of Business, the music department, and now our temporary library. This building was retrofitted and has received the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Leading by Example Environmental Award, which you will read about in the pages that follow.

We are now planning a new library for our campus. This library will be located on our North Campus, near our tennis courts, abutting Peabody Hall and Meier Hall.

I hope that you will read more about the latest developments on our campus in this issue of Salem Statement.